Grease Cars

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22-02-2007 14:35:21

Any one else interested in this at all? I'm thinking of going diesel over the summer and converting to run vegetable oil. Anyone with experience, tips, comments?


22-02-2007 16:02:17

Nice to hear someone is going green =D

My dad asked me to look into this for him a while back because he owns a restaurant so he figured he could put the excess oil he throws out to good use.

Take a look at
for a DIY explanation


22-02-2007 16:06:52

I've been frequenting grease car for about a week now. I'm just looking for some personal testimonials.


23-02-2007 19:06:33

One of the guys I work with runs his truck on grease. When my car finally dies, I think I will buy a diesel and run grease.


23-02-2007 20:16:07

Check out Fuel Meister[=http//]Fuel Meister, they have a machine where you make your own. If i had the money, and a diesel, I'd do it. Lots of resturants give the oil away free because they have to pay someone to haul it off.