Anyone know anything about Guitars or Amps?

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20-02-2007 17:48:20

I just got an Ibanez RG170 from a friend of mine for damn cheap and its a great guitar in great condition. This is my first guitar ever and I'm starting to learn, and just today got an amp from that same friend. The amp is a Marshall G10MK-II. He's had it for a while now, but when I brought it inside, it was working fine for a good 5 minutes. I then stood up and it just stopped producing the guitar's sound. It still turns on and I can hear it's standby noises (with the Gain and Contour turned up) and the volume is up, as well. Everything is plugged in as should be but I just can't figure out the problem. I guess it's possible that it's something on my guitar, and if you can help or can think of anything that could be wrong with it, help, for please.


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20-02-2007 20:58:40

Sorry I cannot help out with the technical issues you are having. Maybe the friend who sold it to you could help out.

I just wanted to give you this link because i remembered this thread

Good Luck!!!

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20-02-2007 22:01:11

It may be faulty wiring with your electronics within your Ibanez, either with the pickups or loose solder connection. Try to finding a guitar repair shop around town to take a look at your RG, don't go to Guitar Center though since they don't do repairs.

If it turns out there are problems with your AMP instead, try contacting Marshall concerning your amp and they should take care of you.

Btw I have 2 Ibanez's myself, pretty sick guitars P



21-02-2007 07:27:58

Are there 2 switches on your amp? An on/off and a standby switch? sometimes tube amps have these. I'm not gonna bother and look up to see if your amp is a tube amp, but this could be a problem.

Did you try a different guitar cable to plug it in? Those crappy rubber ones that come with amps go quick always, and occasionally, better ones go too. Try different cables if you haven't already. Test this by simply plugging in the cable into the amp, and taking the other end and touching it to your hand and listening for the buzz.

Next, it could be your jack on your guitar. If this isn't tight, it can turn, and the soldering comes loose on the inside. This, however is a quick, easy fix usually.

hope this helps.


21-02-2007 08:03:07

its def not a tube. Do you have access to another guitar that you could plug in to your amp to make sure it works? Im putting my money that the problem is in you guitar.


21-02-2007 08:51:22

[quote3424cf84f4="Jeorgius"] don't go to Guitar Center though since they don't do repairs.


I hate guitar center!


21-02-2007 12:17:55

The guitar has hardly ever been used though, so I can't really see that being the problem. When I touch the guitar end of the amp cable, it makes no buzzing sound or any sound for that matter. Does that mean it's the cable? All that comes out of the amp is the standard static. It was working fine for a bit then just stopped. I'm going to a friend's house sometime soon to try his guitar. If it turns out to be the guitar, I'm just gonna have to get it fixed. Serves me right for getting such a damn good deal on it. )

Thanks for the help guys. +Kma to Jeorgius and nobody2000.


21-02-2007 13:25:39

It could be the cable, the amp, the jack on the amp, or you may have no soul. Sometimes people who lack souls fail to get a buzz out of the cable.

Your guitar sounds like it's fine. I'd try a new cable first, then MAYBE if it's not the cable, it's the amp.


21-02-2007 14:16:44

I called my friend who knows a shiton about guitars and he says that the cables short circuit all the time and thats its most likely my cable, so I'm gonna buy this pack from target that he recommended as both cheap and kickass.

Thanks, and I had a soul once...sold it for a cold one. toast