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20-02-2007 06:34:10

I found out this amazing website that I think I should it with everyone.Tha website is mainly about winning prizes and entering into sweepstakes winners such as $500,$300,ipod nano and more.

All you need to do is
There are 3 ways to win on Winzy

Search and Win Instantly
Refer Friends - If They Win, You Win Too!
Earn Points To Enter Monthly Sweepstakes

Just give me your email address and I'll send an invite to you so you can get started like me.

Admin and moderatorsIf this isn't the place to post this, please help me move it, i though it would be the best place.


20-02-2007 06:55:34

It is the right place to post it, and it has been posted before.




20-02-2007 07:01:10

Oh, I am sorry I didn't notice it.Because than I saw it in anything4free so I joined and I didn't see anyone posted it in fipg so I though it would be new to fipg .

nevermind I guess lol, sorry ,just pretend this thread is to refresh new people who haven't heard of it ^_^.


20-02-2007 08:25:45

There's a similar website called Blingo. Next time search, cunny.


20-02-2007 08:32:46

There is? lol , I didn't know can I check it out too .Becauseurl==http://=http:///url I only heard of winy .

EDITmy bad, I founded out the website sorry ignore it.