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19-02-2007 20:55:12

I have been looking into buying a digital rebel for a while now and I am ready to get one. I found on awesome deal on http// but they don't have the best track record- http//

However, by buying from them I save a few hundred dollars, that's worth it to me even if I have to put up with the phone call crap. What do you think?


19-02-2007 21:20:40


Stay away from them. I've been waiting to buy a Rebel as well but I think I'll wait it out to see if A) Canon releases a 40D that will make me really want it B) Canon Spring Rebates have something on the XTi C) Canon Spring Rebates drop the 30D into my market. Stay away from sites offering cameras for way way less than others because they're either grey products or flat out scams. A kit should run you around 780 and a body is around 700.

This[=http//]This might be useful.


20-02-2007 11:49:47

Thanks. That price is really tempting... But I guess it's a bad idea. So what exactly could they do to me to make it not worth my saved $200?


20-02-2007 12:13:29

I was shopping for a Digital Rebel XT recently as well (I'm now doing a custom order from YGF). I read bad reviews from sites that sell Digital Rebels for low prices. There are horror stories of people getting calls a couple days after ordering and being hard-sold into expensive accessories. Then they supposedly cancel your order if you refuse them.

Places like YellowBeePhoto[=http//]YellowBeePhoto


20-02-2007 12:38:09

Yeah, there are hundreds of scams out there for Digital Cameras and if somewhere offers you more than $100 off the price that anywhere else is charging, stay away.

Always read about the sites on ResellerRating (the above link that Aurelius posted) as it's your best guide for where to and not to buy from.


20-02-2007 12:52:16

typical bait and switch


20-02-2007 13:05:32

Yeah they do this with digital cameras a lot. DO NOT BE FOOLED!!! They will email or call you after you order asking you to call to "verify" your billing and thats when the scam starts. Most of the time they already have billed your CC. Then they try to force you to buy super expensive add-ons and if you refuse, oh that camera is backordered or its the Japanese version and the US version is $200 more. Buy from a reputable source

They are usually pretty cheap and have decent ratings...


21-02-2007 10:03:30

expres[bb2c4e6c06d]scam[/sizeb2c4e6c06d][/bb2c4e6c06d] ? lol