Looking for a recorder to bootleg a show!

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19-02-2007 16:49:36

Hey everyone. I am looking for something to bootleg a show. i have looked at minidisc and dat. waht do you guys suggest. does anyone have a recorder they are looking to sell? all help would be appreciated. thanks!


19-02-2007 17:01:59

are you talking about capture cards?


19-02-2007 17:03:46

I am looking for audio recorders to capture audio from a portable system I.E. minidisc recorder... i want to record my firends band augustana's concert from the crowd.


19-02-2007 17:17:35

At a dylan forum I go to they use to have a thread about it but couldnt locate it for ya.


19-02-2007 17:22:16

what kind of access do you have? Can you plug into the soundboard, or are you putting up mics?


19-02-2007 17:28:25

i was going to use stealth mics. i dont have access to the board, otherwise iw ould just used my computer. i need a bootleg from the crowd.


19-02-2007 17:47:14

I would say get a DAT recorder. You have to hold MD completely still while recording, otherwise you get errors. Sony TCD D7, D8, and D3 are good. I have a D3. D7 and D8 are smaller. You can only get portable DAT drives secondhand.


19-02-2007 17:52:20

how much are those going for? do you know wehre to get them and what kind of mic should i look into?


19-02-2007 18:01:57

What concert are you going to bootleg?


19-02-2007 18:14:50

screw concerts, bootleg movies from theater.



19-02-2007 18:19:46

Soundsboard bootlegs are the only one's worth it in my eyes, through all the dylan bootlegging theres only a few actually good fan recordings. One being a concert I was at )


19-02-2007 18:23:44

it the goo goo dolls with augustana. I dont have access to the board, or i would go that route. i just want a decent in crowd recording. which i know you can get.


20-02-2007 09:18:58

Check out this site http//sonicstudios.com/tips.htm. They have a lot of info on taping and the different kinds of mics. I got my DAT recorder on eBay for about $70. The better, smaller ones are going to be more. Here is a good listing of ones that are good for this http//search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?from=R40&satitle=sony+tcd. Read up on the different models, and see what you like and what fits your needs. Make sure they work. As far as a mic, if you want stealth, your selection goes down, but there are definitely high quality stealth mics available. Soundboard patches are nearly always better, but I have heard some stellar audience recordings that could be passed as soundboards. Another big thing is batteries. Make sure you ahve enough and that they are fresh. Here are some other useful pages http//www.sonicstudios.com/tapertip.htm, http//www.rockpark.com/d7/, http//www.beastiemania.com/qa/liverec.php.


20-02-2007 16:16:38

phishhook.com will probably have some info for you