So what ever happened to changing the frontpage donation...

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19-02-2007 13:30:36

links? I'd donate if the links on the frontpage weren't still the original Freepay sites from yesteryear, so is there any chance we can see that changing?


19-02-2007 14:00:20

The guy who does the brunt of our programming is working on it, and since he has a job and family. It'll be announced when it's done.


19-02-2007 14:03:42

I just want dmorris to post his paypal so we can send some money over. For a guy who has to be busy with his own shit, he sure puts a lot into this board.


19-02-2007 20:57:54

Believe me, the frontpage redesign is high on my list of priorities. However it's a pretty massive undertaking and due to some issues going one right now I've not had more than a few minutes at a time to devote to forum fixes. The easy 10 minutes jobs I can knock out, but the serious redesign stuff is going to take awhile to get in place. Just bear with me.

Oh, and thanks bballp6699. ;)


19-02-2007 21:00:24

Isn't there someplace where you can donate and change your or someone else's title?


19-02-2007 21:20:50