A little weird and curious

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18-02-2007 07:35:06

I though this might be the best place to post this.Well this is the whole story.

One day, i was tired of doing non-cc offers, so I tough if I could paided someone in paypal for a gift credit card to do offers.So I went to anything4free and pmed this admin and we talk , we gaved each other aim sn.Than we talk, and we set up a trade by I paying him in paypal and he order the mysimon gift card for me.

But the problem is that, it been 3-4 weeks, still no hope, didn't got anything in my mail, so was just curious.Yes I trust that admin, and I am sure he legit too, since he part of an admin of anything4free but I'm just curious how come didn't received it.

I also lost contact with him 1-2 weeks ago.His aim sn is schizobone, but dont know his anything4free username, pretty much forgot lol but i think it the same.

Is there anyway, I can contact mysimon with anything if all I know is the address and my name in the order information, because he ordered it for me and all he asked was for my name and address.

Thanks,hope I can get this solved, if I get mysimon gift card in the next few days, I'll post it so problem can be solved, but have a feeling it won't come lol because most people got it in 2-5 days.


18-02-2007 07:44:16

He needed to know alot more info too like your phone #. This is needed to verify the card once you receive it. Although I cant help ya with the admin tho... I dont visit A4F much.


18-02-2007 07:52:49

I'll ask Schizobone


18-02-2007 08:26:28

I traded with Chief. NEVER with Clanny.


18-02-2007 08:29:16

[quoteb919e3fbb9="schizerbone"]I ripped off Chief. NEVER Clanny.[/quoteb919e3fbb9]

Fixed. wink


18-02-2007 08:41:10

Thanks for the reply schizerbone.Well acutally chief helped me ordered it , because than I was at the mall and he called me about the gift card and I was like sure.

Next time, if it chief just pretend it me because he usually go to my home and play and go to internet and stuff.

Anyway, how's the gift card, never received it.Can you help me called them what happened, thanks for the reply schizerbone to know that you not away.


18-02-2007 08:54:52

english being the broken yes no?

just kidding.

I am confused why there are three people involved.


18-02-2007 08:59:27

So first chief didn't know you...then Chief somehow knew your website, and matched your IP on a4f, and then he said he did know you, but promised he wasn't you, and then you posted here saying you traded with me but I've never talked to you before...plus chief gave me his name and address. I don't know why you would be waiting for a gift card if it's going to him anyway.

Plus you have no phone number...(err...I mean chief)

Thank you for fixing my error TSJ...

Anyone know how to do the chicken noodle soup dance? I'm going to try it out when my camera gets here...


18-02-2007 09:18:56

I guess chief like to joke a lot, well he does know me and he part of an admin on my website.Well I gaved him my address and name in the phone .
Well I didn't think you asked chief for phone number because he never told me it, well if you want it I can give you it now.

Thanks for reply.

Also, I think you did talk to me on aim before, if you want proof that ,that was my aim you can login aim and I can im you right now since chief is not at my home.


18-02-2007 09:25:29

http//www.chez.com/drlulu/nelson/tableau.gif[" alt=""/img80b3659b85]


18-02-2007 09:27:28

[quote911ae08a8e="bballp6699"]http//www.chez.com/drlulu/nelson/tableau.gif[" alt=""/img911ae08a8e][/quote911ae08a8e]

Yeah...I think this is one of those people I don't trade with, simply because it takes too long to read what the heck they are trying to say.


18-02-2007 09:38:58

what do you mean?


18-02-2007 09:43:10


it hard under stand you


18-02-2007 09:46:00

Oh sorry, well I am not so good with english.I'm really sorry, I will try to write the best english I can lol.


18-02-2007 09:50:11


it hard under stand you[/quote7c80577aee]


Maybe okay the card gift situation, just he having the confused, perhaps?

Or some one advantage taking of [i7c80577aee]no speaka english[/i7c80577aee] person? Scammering people do this.

EDIT Clanny, who did you give your information to?


18-02-2007 09:52:05

He remind me Borat


18-02-2007 09:57:28

Well I gave it to schizerbone.


18-02-2007 10:06:49

Well I gave it to schizerbone.[/quote3dcd6c2f7e]

did you give it to Chief?


18-02-2007 10:12:16

Oh yeah I did , first this is the story.
Chief and schizerbone talk on aim, than chief called me on the phone about the gift card, I was like sure,so than schizerbone asked for name and address when he's ordering the card.And chief asked me for it ,and I gaved to chief and chief gaved to schizerbone on aim.

I can proof that it was my information because that's where I live and where I am now and using the same aim, also that aim was mines.


18-02-2007 10:16:37

Ok, I'm not 100% sure what's going on, but my basic thought is if clanny paid you for a gift card, Chief or clanny should either have a gift card or his paypal back...

But I don't understand most of what he's talking about, so... shrug


18-02-2007 11:03:56

I think clanny is trying to steal chief's money. I'm gonna let him know about it. Chief paided me. Clanny never paided me.


18-02-2007 11:05:13

Also, I can show proof of my payment payment that I sended.Anyway, well bball , that is the result I was thinking too ^_^.Anyway, let wait for a reply from him maybe.

Thanks for all the support all this time guys.


18-02-2007 11:14:48

[quoteb0ea0451cf="schizerbone"]I think clanny is trying to steal chief's money. I'm gonna let him know about it. Chief paided me. Clanny never paided me.[/quoteb0ea0451cf]

Ok... , Well I had the payment I paided you and the payment information and I had the aim sn which chief talked to you , this would be really hard that I am stealing his money??? and it my money?

Look, if you want more proof , I maybe have to call chief and come over and login his anything4free account ? I am sure that is enough proof.


18-02-2007 14:49:15

clanny = chief, both names were both banned on a4f, clanny was banned for proxy use, then came back as chief and was banned again. So this whole story is just BS like usual. Bah.


18-02-2007 16:35:14

I told schizerbone about this.This was the story.
I joined anything4free and b4 I joined I downloaded this anoymizer and though it can prevent people from looking at my area for safety.But I notice it wasn't allowed so I got banned.

But chief is the friend who I mentioned that is banned because as said above , people though it was me.


18-02-2007 20:53:08

[quotedf9cd7a6ca="egyptianruin"]clanny = chief, both names were both banned on a4f, clanny was banned for proxy use, then came back as chief and was banned again. So this whole story is just BS like usual. Bah.[/quotedf9cd7a6ca]

I thought so...
Good looks on that Egyptian =)


19-02-2007 05:51:07

But it really have nothing to do with this.Because this is about either getting my paypal money I paided back or the gift card.

Also I'm not using the anonymizer anymore .


19-02-2007 06:03:45

Where can I find it can prevent people from looking at my area for safety?

People always look at my area -(


19-02-2007 06:08:12

Wear pants?


19-02-2007 06:47:20

ok... , well I am not using the anonymizer anymore? soo....??? let get back to the topic problem?