no confirm email, can't get no credit White Smiles

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15-02-2007 16:36:48


I called this company (don't know if I can say what company) and asked for my confirm email. She blabbed something about she couldn't help it if my email was blocking it..... funny I recieved all of my other confirms.

how can I tell how long I have to complete a site?


15-02-2007 16:39:43

Generally it is a 2 week trial.

Try going to the site in question and looking in the fine print, they almost always state it there.

Hope this helps.


15-02-2007 17:41:04

If you can't get no credit.. then you got it, right?

So why are you complaining again?


15-02-2007 18:38:50

Holy hell I didn't understand the first post, the second post, or the third post.

This doesn't belong here either.

From what I gathered of the question, you have any amount of time to complete a site besides any Freepay sites, which has to be done within 90 days.


15-02-2007 18:40:32

The woman blabbed the what to the who?