...And we're back up!

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14-02-2007 13:16:07

Sorry for the downtime folks. The database partition keeps filling up, causing the DB to crash, which we expect was also to blame for the data corruption and errors you've been seeing since the move.

I just took the database down for a backup and moved it to a new partition with plenty of space. Let's see how things work now.

/knocks on wood with crossed fingers


14-02-2007 13:23:00

Thanks David!

Dont knock on wood, he may come back! lol

Anyone get it?


14-02-2007 13:29:53

Thank YOU!!!!


14-02-2007 13:35:04

Ah we cant read PM's


14-02-2007 13:39:10

Yay. We're back. D


14-02-2007 13:41:46

You may also see some issues with posting problems, i.e. saying that you can't post again so soon. The server time was off again for some reason, and the forum thinks some of you posted from the future. ) So you'll have to wait until 5 seconds after the timestamp on your last post before it will let you post again. Shouldn't take too long to sort itself out though.

[quotec3a85a04a5="YourGiftsFree"]Ah we cant read PM's[/quotec3a85a04a5]

PM's seem to be working fine for me and those folks who are PM'ing me now. ) Might be another time issue. I know also that Tyler was repairing the PM table when the server went down, so it's possible you lost something.


14-02-2007 16:10:17

Thanks dmorris


14-02-2007 17:09:23

I'm having no PM problems...


14-02-2007 17:28:53



14-02-2007 20:29:22

In layman's terms, there was a confluence of chronoton particles within the mainframe resulting in a temporal rift which, in turn, caused posts to appear at random points in the time/space continuum.

David knew exactly how to fix that.