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14-02-2007 13:25:08

I heard they were allowing other sites soon too.

Edit My post is on top.


14-02-2007 14:12:01

I'm thinking of donating to the site by doing that thing where I pay to have my referral link posted on the home page. Just wondering if anybody here has done this and had it be effective.

Also to donate can I only give a freepay site as a referal link? I've noticed that all the sites on there now are freepay sites.

And will I get one of those cool little Donator Icons? That would be cool.

Other info on donating is also appreciated.


14-02-2007 14:25:38

Hurray! I can post again!

How is your post above mine?


14-02-2007 14:29:12

Greystache the Wizard has been playing around with the Database again. roll


14-02-2007 14:34:55

[quotecdec9139fc="theysayjump"]Greystache the Wizard has been playing around with the Database again. roll[/quotecdec9139fc]

Yeah I PM'd dmorris and he told me about it. I was going crazy not being able to post.

So you know anything about what ref links I can give if I donate?
Or if I'll get one of those cool icons?


14-02-2007 14:35:56

[quote712295f5a4="theysayjump"]Greystache the Wizard has been playing around with the Database again. roll[/quote712295f5a4]

roll It's a bad habit to refer to yourself in 3rd person...



14-02-2007 15:23:25

D -- Edit lol
yeah i wanted to donate too...


15-02-2007 08:05:16

I decided to just go ahead and make a donation after signing up for a freepay site.

I found out it has to be a freepay site. As of now

I dont' think that you would get a donator icon because there is no area that would ask information that would give you a donator icon.

How can I get one of those?


16-02-2007 06:08:12

Anybody? This is me talking to myself! Maybe if this got moved to the Help! section of the forum.

I don't want to have a double topic, so anybody know the rules about doing that? Maybe a mod would know, or could even give me some info in this topic here?