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12-02-2007 12:02:39

My Entertainment Center in my room with new stand

http/" alt=""/"365/5702" alt=""/img0745ah5.jpg[/img3857cbbb76]


12-02-2007 12:05:57

I have the same alarm clock and xbox 360.


12-02-2007 12:07:37

[quote18f71f8ddd="bruman"]I have the same alarm clock and xbox 360.[/quote18f71f8ddd]

THE SAME 360!!! God Damn BB employee's said it was one of a kind


12-02-2007 12:11:27

[quote8152c9c6bc="ffactoryxx"][quote8152c9c6bc="bruman"]I have the same alarm clock and xbox 360.[/quote8152c9c6bc]

THE SAME 360!!! God Damn BB employee's said it was one of a kind[/quote8152c9c6bc]

haha i was going to say something like that too.

Anyways nice setup, im in a dorm room so my space is kinda limited ( but this summer some of my friends and I are getting a house so its going to be a lot better..


12-02-2007 12:14:02

Soon when i get my own apt i can hook up my JBL Rears, Sides and Center along with the Sub


12-02-2007 21:11:17

I have since gotten a center to match the mains. I also have a 12 inch h100 sub and 2 aura buttshakers in my couch. All for almost free! This is an old picture so i also have my new 360.
http//[" alt=""/imgb2e5e0f388]


12-02-2007 21:17:10

Right Click and go to View Image for a giant high quality image.

TV and game systems



12-02-2007 21:30:11

/me waits for that scammer to post his setup again.

unknown uchiha

12-02-2007 21:39:19

[quote3714327b58="johnjimjones"]/me waits for that scammer to post his setup again.[/quote3714327b58]

My thoughts exactly. I should find it and call it my own -.-


Too many pics to make tags for or quote



12-02-2007 21:41:31

[quote86e9ef30bf="johnjimjones"]/me waits for that scammer to post his setup again.[/quote86e9ef30bf]

I was gonna say the same thing but decided against it because I know he's stupid enough to do it. Moot point now though.


12-02-2007 21:42:38

here's my basic setup
http/" alt=""/"412/8292/setupv2yt6.jpg[" alt=""/img83e7bb705d] D

unknown uchiha

12-02-2007 21:42:38

http/" alt=""/"19/8340/cleansetup3dg.jpg[" alt=""/imge6f6516176]
[img="e6f6516176]http/" alt=""/"19/3382/setupcomplete0pz.jpg[" alt=""/imge6f6516176]

unknown uchiha

12-02-2007 21:43:28

[quoted8a28fb833="x323smostwantedx"]here's my basic setup
http/" alt=""/"412/8292/setupv2yt6.jpg[" alt=""/imgd8a28fb833] D[/quoted8a28fb833]



12-02-2007 21:43:32



12-02-2007 21:50:52

lol @ x32233222mostblahblaaksjdnj3223


12-02-2007 22:05:28

here is my setup as of last semester, now the computer that was on the floor is working, i'm in the process of getting a 2nd 20" for it, and i bought a macbook pro about an hour ago, and getting ready to sell the Vaio...

Not bad for a dorm room shrug

http//[" alt=""/img015292c392]


13-02-2007 08:30:48

Here is my little bedroom setup. I have money saved up for the living room of the new apartment but this will do for now. In the pic is my powerbook, pc with vista, 32" panny, 20gb ps3, some ps3 games/blu-ray movies, and apparently some water bottles?
http/" alt=""/"264/8171/s3010025ij6.jpg[" alt=""/imgfa196c81d7]


13-02-2007 09:25:17

(kind of outdated since I have Vista now but whatever)
plasma in the background
http//[" alt=""/img68a9d474bb]

42" Plasma
[img="68a9d474bb]http//[" alt=""/img68a9d474bb]

I've got a nice speaker system too. )


13-02-2007 09:26:02

your pictures are a no-go.