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11-02-2007 12:48:45

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For the last few weeks, I have been working on a incentive-based rewards site, based on a custom script coded entirely by me. With Treasure4Free, you don't have to rely on referrals to make money, you can do it all yourself! We do have a referral system in place though.

You earn a [b45cfcddc7b]$2[/b45cfcddc7b] bonus, just for one of your referrals cashing out!

We currently have 114 offers, totaling $1,130+ and we are still adding more! Out of the 114 offers, 45 don't even require a credit card! All of our offers should either credit instantly or within a few minutes after completion!

We have some of the highest offer payouts around and payout via PayPal (we will be adding other payment options soon)! You can cashout whenever you reach $15! We are on a Net15 payment schedule. What this means, is if you request payout during the month of February, you will get paid around the 15th of March!

Besides our support form on our website, you can also reach us via AIM. Our screen name is


Please feel free to ask any questions or give any suggestions!

If you want to see a list of the offers we have, before you sign up, please go here.




11-02-2007 12:53:33

how much is the payout per ref? also, do you have no CC offers that can be done by canadians?



11-02-2007 12:56:33

As mentioned, you can get $2 for each cashout a ref makes and there are only 1 or 2 no-cc offers that can be completed by Canadians, one of which being SinglesNet. Sorry. I will try to add more though!


11-02-2007 13:19:18

Looks cool..i already signed up..but i lost my simon giftcard number so im wating to get it back


11-02-2007 14:21:36

I'll sign up under someone.


11-02-2007 14:25:32

Not bad, but why do these sites keep popping up in off topic? What happened to the Other Freebies/DIY category?

No offense to the poster, I know it's better advertising but seriously this seems a little too "on-topic."

oh btw cwncool, we both regged on the same date...19 Sept. 2004. Pretty sweet, huh?


11-02-2007 14:34:02

I asked Admin and TheySayJump and they said I could post it here, and yep, pretty sweet.


12-02-2007 01:36:20

I see you didn't like the photoshop job shrug

Oh wells, another item for the portfolio =P


12-02-2007 14:53:47

I'm taking off the referral contest, seeing how no one is interested...


12-02-2007 14:56:17

well the payouts are not exactly very high compared to the amount of work we have to do)


12-02-2007 15:06:52

[quote49a13e3006="condra"]well the payouts are not exactly very high compared to the amount of work we have to do)[/quote49a13e3006]
What of the offers would you say are low? Why would you be doing more work on my DIY site, versus other similar sites?


12-02-2007 15:10:21

i was talking about the prizes for the referral contest...
anyway, i am more inclined to have refs because of the few offers i can do so 2$ per ref cashing out, i don't know

but i am sure that those who live in the us will like the site )


12-02-2007 15:18:49

Ooh. Okay. I see what you meant P Does any one else have comments or suggestions? Our offer payouts either match or are higher than other DIY sites in most cases D