Human Halo man or something

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09-02-2007 19:22:37

So I saw this on G4


[quote729d071fa3]capable of stopping cold repeated fire at point blank range all handguns, shotguns, grenade shrapnel and pipe bomb shrapnel....The level III Shadow Armor tested "cold-stopped" the following 12 gauge pump shotgun with 1.5 oz sabat slug at 4.5 ft, and a 9mm, a 357 mag, and a magnum 44 handgun @ 6 ft[/quote729d071fa3]

That would be pretty cool to go to war with...or be a cop. Its at 30k with about 5 days left, if anyone is interested in buying. D


09-02-2007 20:24:37



09-02-2007 20:29:35

The reserve hasn't been made.. I wonder how much the guy is expecting for it?


09-02-2007 20:34:12

Over $150,000 + (1800 hours li outrageous wage rate) = Reserve


09-02-2007 20:37:09

While that is pretty cool I think at the same time it would kind of suck to be the only one wearing that thing in a firefight. It seems as though you'd get shot at more often than others, and they'd probably try to use explosives on you.


09-02-2007 20:39:50

Wonder how much it costs to ship that thing... He'd probably charge me an additional $5,000 to ship it here.


09-02-2007 20:57:10

Even with this armor on, you're gonna feel a 12-gauge shotgun blast. Haha. It even has magnetic holsters for a couple of 9mms