Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

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05-02-2007 18:53:55

There are alot of things going on in my life at the moment and I really have no idea where I'll be, but my current job has the potential for me to move up and keep for years to come, but I may not even keep it for that long.

Where would you [if9f39a7a8a][bf9f39a7a8a]like[/bf9f39a7a8a][/if9f39a7a8a] your life to be in 5 years time (realistically)?

Where do you think you [if9f39a7a8a][bf9f39a7a8a]will[/bf9f39a7a8a][/if9f39a7a8a] be in 5 years time?


05-02-2007 19:01:38

In college in Seattle enjoying (or maybe not shrug ) dorm life.


05-02-2007 19:02:05

Hard to tell, but I see myself starting work for a biomedical engineering firm. Either that, or livin it up off my millions, because I invented something really awesome.


05-02-2007 19:04:06

In 5 years, I would have graduated from school already. I'd like to own my own studio in Hollywood, with an extensive resume. I'd like my clients to be D&G, Gucci, Prada, Fendi, BCBG, and new hotels in Las Vegas/Hollywood/New York City/Toronto/Los Angeles/London/Spain. I'd also like to be in Flaunt, I-D, Rolling Stone, and so on.

Realistically, I'll probably only have my own studio with a fair amount of booked jobs with some modeling agencies and campaigns.



05-02-2007 19:04:27

Just moved to charlotte, nc....hopefully will get a good job

Cough... FIPG IT Guys.... help me out li coughli


05-02-2007 19:08:13

I'd love to be running a business of some sort, preferably technology related.

Either working on my MBA or working as an engineer at some company (probably small), but right now anything is possible, those are most likely.


05-02-2007 19:22:41




05-02-2007 19:24:02

Working at the same company, having moved up from Associate IT Programmer/Analyst to a full IT Programmer/Analyst. I'm hoping to have been in our new house for 3-4 years, and have at least 1, possibly 2 kids running around.


05-02-2007 19:28:30

5 years, I'll be in college at IU still, finishing up my Bachelor's, possibly going onto law school.


05-02-2007 19:52:12

Finishing up college with a degree in some sort of engineering. Hopefully not to far in debt.


05-02-2007 20:02:57

daydreaming having my own very profitable business, travelling around the world as an ambassador

realistical finished my university, and my year off in China or somewhere, opening my own business....hopefully!


05-02-2007 20:03:43

i'll be celebrating the 5th year anniversary of you asking me this question!

-taken from mitch hedberg

realistically; university, hoping to get into medical sciences


05-02-2007 20:15:22

Hopefully just finishing up my masters and teaching at a school district back where I'm from. That or as an administrator at a smaller school district in the middle of nowhere (either AD, Asst. Principal, or Principal).


05-02-2007 20:17:23

Hopefully i get really good in accounting and work for Exxon or find a business major i like.


05-02-2007 20:21:30

No flippin clue

Where'd i'd like to be bangin my bosses wife and running my own business ya know the one....that I have no idea what it will be


05-02-2007 20:26:21

Wouldn't that be your own wife if you in fact own your business?


05-02-2007 20:28:11

no no I currently work at a business and would like to run my own. I would also like to steal my bosses wife make more sense?!?!


05-02-2007 20:28:21

[quoteea916ea6c1="ILoveToys"]Wouldn't that be your own wife if you in fact own your business?[/quoteea916ea6c1]

Provided there's no conflict of interest or some other such clause, you are allowed to own your own business and work for someone else.


05-02-2007 20:38:14


probably U of M


05-02-2007 20:39:58

I'll probably be in the amazon rain forest inducing a vision quest via ayahuasca with the local shamans.


05-02-2007 20:46:38

Or ill be doing Missions in the hidden University of Houston Village for bread.


06-02-2007 02:32:48

Getting my last referral...

or.. I will hopefully be in my senior year of college(with co-op its 5 years of school instead of 4) getting my bachelors in mechanical engineering and then beginning to work on my MBA.


08-02-2007 10:50:29

I hope to still be active on this forum.

Dreams die hard...


08-02-2007 11:09:29

seriousness in my fourth year of college for PharmD


08-02-2007 13:02:23

Having just opened my own store here in NYC selling jordans and other shoes that are rarely found anywhere but online. And then starting college the next year.

(Yes, I'm only 13)


08-02-2007 13:06:58

ill be one year out of college as a CPA working at an accounting firm in south florida.


08-02-2007 13:57:15

i dont know what i'll do in 5 minutes


08-02-2007 14:32:34

I see myself working for a record company in New York City after attaining my Masters in Music Business.


08-02-2007 15:06:59

[quote303581b627="DIABLO"]Having just opened my own store here in NYC selling jordans and other shoes that are rarely found anywhere but online. And then starting college the next year.

(Yes, I'm only 13)[/quote303581b627]

You're going to face alot of competition then =P

I forgot the name but there is a place that sells old school shoes around NYU.


08-02-2007 15:14:39



08-02-2007 16:24:59

I will most likely have finished 4 years of undergrad and will be in law school or Business school. D


08-02-2007 16:39:46

fwiw, those of you who are 18 and looking to go to business school right after college should realize almost all top-tier business schools want exhibited leadership experience and demonstrated progression in your career, coordinated with a compelling story that demonstrates your reason for going to business school. It's very, very rare that a 22 year old with no work experience gets into a top-tier business school.

On the other hand, law schools and med schools regularly accept new students right out of undergrad.


08-02-2007 16:50:17

[quoteae2734370d="TrueKeeg"]http//i113.photobucket.com/albums/n214/Dave1982p/TrueKeep.jpg[" alt=""/imgae2734370d][/quoteae2734370d]

Hopefully not in your boat!


08-02-2007 18:10:46

[quoteed16477571="Dave82"][quoteed16477571="TrueKeeg"]http//i113.photobucket.com/albums/n214/Dave1982p/TrueKeep.jpg[" alt=""/imged16477571][/quoteed16477571]

Hopefully not in your boat![/quoteed16477571]


08-02-2007 19:54:33

My 3rd year of college... Trying to get homework done, but instead surfing the web.


08-02-2007 19:57:14

Honestly I don't even know where I am right now....


08-02-2007 23:19:55

[quotefe1cf58c58="mnx12"]Honestly I don't even know where I am right now....[/quotefe1cf58c58]



09-02-2007 01:19:38



haha, and i will be the prison guard )


09-02-2007 06:07:02



haha, and i will be the prison guard )[/quoteef709b6f56]

god save us all...just kidding ^_^


09-02-2007 08:09:59

Well I graduate in fall 08/spring 09 so hopefully 5 years from now I will be at an I-Bank (I am pretty sure that I have secured something for this summer to get me in the door) or preparing for b-school.


09-02-2007 14:55:21

I see myself buying a place in Washington State, quitting the hell hole of a job I have now and find employment in either Alaska or Washington and start up an internet venture (that might lead up to a full-time job.. who knows shrug).

Of course, I would keep my home in Alaska and remain a resident.


09-02-2007 15:09:02

i'll have my degree in computer science and will be a software engineer.... (hopefully)