X-Play, The Musical

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05-02-2007 17:34:38

Did anyone watch it?

It wasn't that bad. I mean, hey, Adam and Morgan were actually singing, and it wasn't half bad. They must have had a crapload of money in their budget to do this, because there were dancers and singers and whatnot. It looked...somewhat professional. )

What are your opinions?

I loved it. D


08-02-2007 16:57:45

For some reason, I cannot enjoy muscials. It isnt that i do not have appreciation for the arts.

But musicals......I just.... cant. I dont know. People went on and on about how great Rent was. I thought it was horrible and boring and annoying and bleh. I wanted to leave after 20 mins, but my fiance didnt want to go.

I saw phantom of the opera in toronto with my family when i was little and enjoyed it. But other muscials i have been forced to see made me nauseous, i swear! Nauseous!

I give credit though to you for enjoying it and i hope no one gives you a hard time about it.


08-02-2007 17:14:36

I watched 5-10 minutes of it. I also have lost the stomach for musicals, but I agree that it must have been a huge investment. The sets were above par for college productions and the supporting cast was pretty big. I certainly can't blame them for trying.

I never watched Tech TV before G4 bought it, but I know that this is one of the only shows the fanboys don't detest. I have always been a little bit confused by the hatred of G4 on sites like Digg and Slashdot. Even if the programming isn't ideal, what alternatives are there?


08-02-2007 17:45:49

I stopped watching that channel after G4 took over TechTV...

Ahh the good ol' days of ZDTV.


08-02-2007 18:46:02

tech tv > zdtv > g4

dam what were they thinking (

leo laporte

screensavers and call for help were the jam!


08-02-2007 19:17:25

since screensavers went away tech tv blows. Only good show is xplay. The rest blows attack of the show is attack of crap wow I cant belive this is the evolution of the screensavers. BS! Only bright spot is xplay, arrested development(if only they can get them to get new episodes), and I guess cops..


08-02-2007 19:28:52

Unscrewed with Martin Sargent was alright... After he got fired and his show got canned, he had a pilot for Comedy Central that features websites that are very unusual (like carstuckgirls.com for people sexually attracted to girls getting their cars stuck in the mud and some swedish guy that teaches you how to knock down your opponents without physically touching them)... It was canned as well. I think the show was called Web Drifter with Martin Sargent.


09-02-2007 05:17:20

I liked Leo Laporte....-(


09-02-2007 06:14:04

R.I.P. Tech TV, I'll miss you a lot Screen Savers...I'll miss you a lot ( litearli


09-02-2007 07:04:37

Screensavers and Xplay were the only good shows on techtv.....now only xplay....