Dreamhost Promos

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03-02-2007 17:44:40

I am looking to start hosting with Dreamhost. I searched on the forums but all of the other codes seem to be outofdate. Basically I am just trying to get as cheap as possible, maybe one of those $10 per year deals, or something similar.

Anyone have any codes?

Thank you.


03-02-2007 18:53:52

you're gonna get some great service for $10/year D


03-02-2007 18:59:56

I was just wondering if there were still any promos similar to the '777' deal mentioned here


The best I can find at the moment is $30 per year for the Crazy Domain Insane Deal.


03-02-2007 19:36:14

Dreamhost is horrible, no cpanel. It isn't localhost. I used to have it, I switched though. But use this.



03-02-2007 19:51:28

I think Dreamhost is great for the money, but I don't care to use cPanel -- I do everything from the command line. Besides, there are other web admin tools besides cPanel, and from what I've seen, DH's web admin works fine.

So far, so good. I Googled for a code that got me $97 off a year's hosting, so the total was like $30 or something for a year. For the type of hosting I was needing it for, it was the perfect replacement for my recently expired 3-year 1and1 Professional hosting package.


03-02-2007 20:30:24

I use it for two of my personal domains. Just used to store like pics and stuff. I got it for like $8 a year. I'm gonna have to renew at like $30, but it's not a huge deal. I wouldn't run a large website on it, or even medium, but for personal, I think it's pretty good.


03-02-2007 20:32:48

Yeah, I think I am just going to use DH and use the "BEST" promotion code, bringing the final price to $22. The website is only for personal use, so I think it will work fine.

Thanks for all of your input and thanks for the code YGF )


03-02-2007 20:36:22

Ah yeah. For personal use, it good.

Np )


03-02-2007 20:50:29

Found this ehost.net hosting site. $10/year.


What do you think?


03-02-2007 20:56:19

I use DreamHost, haven't had any problems with it. I can't remember what promo I used, it was quite recently and I got it for $19 I think.