What is the Lightest Laptop?

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01-02-2007 17:28:31

Can someone tell me the lightest laptop (nothing like those 5 inch screen ones)?

So far the Dell x200/x300 is the lightest i can find at 2.8 pounds.

I am using one now until I move. I was considering switching over to a macbook pro. Apple has REALLY good customer service and they usually dont have problems. So I was gonna give this one to my fiance when she comes back from her trip. She only uses notebooks to take notes at school and check her email. Shes doesnt play games, watch movies, store music, run large software. So technically this one is fine for her. But I wanted to give her something new. It doesnt have to be fancy though. Just basics. No need for lots of memory.

She has a crappy HP that is like 100 pounds and really likes how light the dell is.

So I want to get something that is under 3 pounds.

Any ideas?