Internet Votes required...Help a father out!!

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31-01-2007 21:13:33

Hey guys. So i'm think'n this isn't against any rule or what not but as i've helped countless number of you guys with you DIY questions and for some reason the ole' KMA+ doesn't seem to gain much satisfaction help me out here if you have a minute. One of my very good friends is a finalist in a sweepstakes to win a day with the driver of the dodge car Kasey Kahne of NASCAR. I know it would mean a lot to him and his family if he were able to win this contest. All you have to do is visit this site and vote for my friend. He is the one in the bottom right hand corner next to a big computer screen.

http// &session_id=4m5yockcedwb0dal[]http// &session_id=4m5yockcedwb0dal

It doesnt cost anything, its not an offer, all you gotta do is cast a vote. You can vote once a day until Feburary 24th. The one with the most votes wins!! Thanks a bunch everyone!!