Help me find the answer to this riddle.

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31-01-2007 19:49:00

A ChaCha Info Seeker is searching for the answer. I can't find it, see if you can

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Supposedly it has something to do with Andrew Jackson, and I guess the answer is a female person. Although i'm not 100% sure.

[beb582b0edb]Update[/beb582b0edb] The waterwall in part 2 is William's waterwall in Texas

I think the "belle of cumberland" was a cow


Search "belle of cumberland" on that page and then read the answer to the question.


31-01-2007 20:01:22

wow, were you asking for personal reference, or are they still in the chat with you?

Because if they are still in the chat then that's pretty nice you're trying to find an answer that badly. Most would transfer to some other guide.

I think you should transfer it.

That reminds me of when i was trying to stump the guides and asked this question like, "If train A is coming from __ and going __m/h and train B...... where will they meet?"
And they guide said hold on and did the problem for me on his own, and got the right answer!


31-01-2007 20:03:06

No, personal. The chat is over.

I tried to help them as much as I could, but they think their history teacher is making it up.

Either/or. I just want a happy ending here.

Dr. Doom

31-01-2007 20:04:43

Doesn't sound like a riddle to me...


31-01-2007 20:07:02

[quotecfd71ac552="Dr. Doom"]Doesn't sound like a riddle to me...[/quotecfd71ac552]

i have no clue what it sounds like!


31-01-2007 20:07:36

[quote01531bda53="Dr. Doom"]Doesn't sound like a riddle to me...[/quote01531bda53]

You don't look like Dr. Doom to me. Now GTFO my house.

Dr. Doom

31-01-2007 20:28:38

How do you know what I look like? ?