ATHF Mooninites Shut Down Boston

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31-01-2007 15:47:31

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Best ad EVER!!!


31-01-2007 15:49:46

been all over the news, people are pretty upset about it here


31-01-2007 15:59:13

Wow, the authorities are dumb. Makes me feel REALLY safe.


31-01-2007 16:07:38

I can't believe it. Its so funny...

unknown uchiha

31-01-2007 16:12:37

I love how smart we Americans are.


31-01-2007 16:32:00

[quote98e177c200="ClassAct"]been all over the news, people are pretty upset about it here[/quote98e177c200]

What the heck for? You don't see the 10 other major metropolitan cities that got them freaking out and thinking a LiteBrite is a bomb roll


31-01-2007 19:20:46

lol first they root for the SUX and now they get scared over this only idiots in boston ;)


31-01-2007 19:37:01

haha. Boston is retarded


31-01-2007 19:42:46

Most of those moonlites were there for over a week too.


31-01-2007 20:40:31

I'm at school in Boston, but live in NY and I agree with everyone who called them idiots. Maybe it was a bad idea not to get permits to put these on public property, but I can't believe they mistook them for bombs.

Then tonight they arrested a young kid/starving artist who got paid by the marketing company to hang them up and now they want to arrest the ad designer at the agency/sue Turner.

I think at best Turner should pay the cost of the police overtime and call it a day.


31-01-2007 21:44:04

Nowadays it's REALLY NOT that funny.

Dumb or not, what is SOOO kool about doing it that way. It still directed resources away from what they SHOULD be doing. IF and I SAY IF, one of then actually turned out to be a "bomb" and actually went off ... everyone would be screaming "bloody murder" that authorities didn't do enough to prevent that.

Hindsight IS 20-20. EZ to criticize authorities.

AliliHoles in my opinion. NOT authorities but the one's doing that publicity stunt.

Rick aka CorpRebel 8)

P.S. I have a warped sense of humor at times but NOT that much.


31-01-2007 21:46:15

Rick Maybe instead of an 'all or nothing' approach to preventing terrorism, law enforcement can use some common sense?


31-01-2007 21:49:33

[quotefb8d6b1faa="ilanbg"]Rick Maybe instead of an 'all or nothing' approach to preventing terrorism, law enforcement can use some common sense?[/quotefb8d6b1faa]

Yes'm. I wholeheartedly concur with that remark. G'Day Mate.


01-02-2007 00:49:20

Overkill on the part of the police. It took 2 seconds to realize it was viral marketing...


01-02-2007 06:32:26

I agree wolf not everything with batteries and lights is a bomb. Maybe the police, bomb squads and national security should be briefed in pop culture.


01-02-2007 07:14:56

the people that reported this and the authorities' response make me embarrassed to live here


01-02-2007 07:49:37

[quotec33d12a7f0="KeithA"]the people that reported this and the authorities' response make me embarrassed to live here[/quotec33d12a7f0]

Yeah you're very right, the cops just didn't overreact...the worst offender is that one person who called it in. It's also funny how early yesterday on the news they were calling it a suspicious package, when really the only part of the device you couldn't see were the few D batteries powering it.


01-02-2007 11:06:02

Best press ever for the ATHF movie )


01-02-2007 11:15:43

Just found this

I want one of the Mooninites soooooo bad...


01-02-2007 11:16:41

I wonder if I plug in my Light Brite outside how long it would take for me to be on CNN?


01-02-2007 12:25:02

I love this whole story so much, as soon as I saw the picture of the guy holding one on drudge, and it said "blahblah...bomb" I burst out laughing and said, "That's Ignignokt, what?"

It doesnt even look like a bomb, and anyone who has seen the cartoon would know that its just an ad. This is just another reason why more people need to watch ATHF.

BTW, one's on ebay


if it was cheaper, i'd soooo buy it.

EDIT Looks like it was removed... when I looked there eariler, the bid was at $5000


01-02-2007 12:31:42


the suspects meet the press


01-02-2007 12:46:27


the suspects meet the press[/quote9f160b9a29]



01-02-2007 13:33:17


the suspects meet the press[/quotee7eb8f51f0]



02-02-2007 14:56:59

Hilarious. The press should always be treated that way.

Anthony from O&A also paid $500 for one today

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(Not Anthony)



02-02-2007 15:04:05


the suspects meet the press[/quoted1bb3c7db4]

Awesome. I love how the press were helpless to get any information out of them. Even when their questions were threatening, they just simply said, "That's not a hair question."


02-02-2007 16:24:30


the suspects meet the press[/quote2f49a0bf34]


http//[" alt=""/img2f49a0bf34]

I'm so favoriting this D


02-02-2007 18:37:25

I want one so bad. [AS] should start selling them...


03-02-2007 07:11:48

They're hot items on eBay. People that can't get them are making their own imitations lol. I have to say I've been keeping my eye out for one of the 56 supposedly posted in Philly as I cruise around but I'm guessing they've all been nabbed already


03-02-2007 22:28:43