way to bypass those word verification boxes??

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29-01-2007 14:26:18

anyone know if there is a way to hack or skip over those word verification text boxes like on ticketmaster.com? after you pick the seats you want a text box comes up telling you to copy the word into the box to continue. its a pain in the ass because sometimes those words are near impossible to read and it can cost you valuable time for big events. im not really sure that something like this exists, but its worth a shot.


29-01-2007 14:27:17



29-01-2007 15:11:01

That's exactly why they are there...


29-01-2007 15:30:17

probably but not open to public and thats the point they are there for security reasons


29-01-2007 15:48:41

[quote8a7f15d5a8="bballp6699"]That's exactly why they are there...[/quote8a7f15d5a8]
Yeah. You [i8a7f15d5a8]do[/i8a7f15d5a8] know they're meant to defeat automated programs? This question is oxy[b8a7f15d5a8]moron[/b8a7f15d5a8]ic


29-01-2007 20:18:28

sometimes they go a little crazy though, and there is so much psychadelic crap in the background and lines over the numbers that a human has to look at it for a sec to figure out what the heck.


29-01-2007 20:19:53

I had a lot that are too hard to read. I've messed a lot of them up.


29-01-2007 20:20:00

I find this thread very funny. They make the boxes so you can't do what you are trying to do...


29-01-2007 20:24:12

Maybe a OCR program. I used to play a game that had somethin similar to that where u had a type the word in and a OCR would do it for you. OCR = Optical Character Recognition i think. Dunno if you can find a free one that will work.


29-01-2007 20:31:14

OCR isn't going to work on those that use complicated backgrounds, randomly rotated characters, and poor contrast. That's the whole point, to prevent an automated script from OCR'ing the text out of the image. )


30-01-2007 00:21:44

there has to be a program out there.

Of course, the best brokers have figured out how to take advantage of the new landscape. I've heard stories perhaps apocryphal about a computer program that automatically plugs the security word into Ticketmaster.com. "I know how to navigate the Ticketmaster Web page five times faster than you do," says David Burgess of Great Tickets in San Antonio, Texas. "You go there maybe once or twice a year. My people go there once or twice an hour."[/i0bdce149c1]

btw.. heres some info about it. im looking into it.



30-01-2007 05:31:22

Not saying it isn't possible because I haven't seen TicketMaster's security check. The ones that use simple block characters on a solid background are obviously relatively easy to automate. However the complex ones that are even challenging for a human to read are going to be near impossible to automate -- that being the point of their increased complexity.


30-01-2007 06:00:35

In time you'll spend trying to get around it, you could have just read about 1000 of them on your own.


30-01-2007 12:43:52

[quote81fab436df="bballp6699"]In time you'll spend trying to get around it, you could have just read about 1000 of them on your own.[/quote81fab436df]

thats not my problem.. the issue is the first 15-30 seconds after the release. an automated program can just skip over that step. i'll sacrifice time in order to get a head start on most people for tix.