Cancer Cured?

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29-01-2007 13:21:17

haha... it would have been on all 1000 tv stations of mine if it was...


29-01-2007 13:22:24

lol, I would want more information than just that tidbit, but that sounds crazy.


29-01-2007 13:22:42

has to be fake


29-01-2007 13:31:47

Health really isn't that incurable. I think it's quite possible they have a cure for it, but because it's such a trillion dollar industry, medication, that is, I don't think a lot of cures are released. I'm not saying they have a cancer one somewhere, but it's always a possibility.


29-01-2007 13:33:59

If this was real there would be breaking news reports all over the tv channels. So, that's why I don't believe it is true.


29-01-2007 13:35:12


new scientist article

and the actual university link



29-01-2007 14:02:18

yah...if it was cured...all the major corporations and gov will be bankrupt


29-01-2007 14:28:57

there are many natural and other cures for almost all ilnesses, the drug companies lobby to keeo this info from us


29-01-2007 14:34:55

If it is true (wich I doubt it is) Philip Morris is ganna make some hella bank.


29-01-2007 14:36:45

curing cancer woudl mean something along the lines of getting a vaccination or something to prevent it from ever happening and wiping it out of population.


29-01-2007 15:29:06

I would suggest some people reading natural cures


29-01-2007 17:03:26

[quotee83813048c="Tsmith10803"]Health really isn't that incurable. I think it's quite possible they have a cure for it, but because it's such a trillion dollar industry, medication, that is, I don't think a lot of cures are released. I'm not saying they have a cancer one somewhere, but it's always a possibility.[/quotee83813048c]

That's what my old chemistry teacher always said.


29-01-2007 17:55:16

If this were true, it would have already spread over the internet like wildfire. And when the internet pays enough attention to something, media catches on and usually follows suit.

So we will see how this goes.


29-01-2007 17:57:18

I read about it on the 23rd.


30-01-2007 13:14:05

People think cancer is one big illness that randomly strikes.

Cancer is a condition where some cells in an organ start dividing with no control or way to manage the division.

Breast cancer isn't one thing. It's a category of cancers that occur on the genome at different locations...and the tumor just happens to be on the breast.

Cancer cells are human cells. Their control mechanism is a protein. Many times, this protein is not made (proteins are made by genes) because of a mutation. When this protein isn't made, it can't stop the cells from dividing. Then you get cancer.

You can have a breast tumor as a mutation of a BRCA1, or 2 gene, or many other ways.

A one cure-all method is (as for now) impossible. THe nature of cancer is such that you have to be specific. Different cancer mechanisms are all genetic in origin, but you need somehting to essentially turn off those genetics.


Cancer cells are human cells. If you make a wonder drug that kills cancer cells, human cells are gonna get killed too.

Oh they made that, it's classified under chemotherapy. THat's why you get sick usually under chemo.

Cancer will be cured. The cure, however will probably be something like a viral vector (a virus that won't harm) with specifically sequenced DNA to

1.) find a SPECIFIC cancer (these viral vectors will be tailored to suit patients on a case-by-case basis.
2.) ALter the DNA of the cancer cells, and ONLY the cancer cells.
3.) Trigger apoptosis, the planned "cell suicide." Apoptosis is the process that cells go through to do things like stop cell growth, but mainly to differentiate body parts in utero. If a tumor (which is unique, still) can be specifically detected, and then can be triggered to do apoptosis, specific cancers can, and will be cured....even cancers that have metastasized so badly, even those that have undergone advanced angiogenesis.

But yeah....this drug....bull shit.


30-01-2007 13:17:41

Oh and from the report

"Cancer cells don't use the little power stations found in most human cells - the mitochondria. Instead, they use glycolysis, which is less effective and more wasteful."

This is untrue. Cancer cells very frequently mimic normal body cells, only sometimes have multiple differentiations (in a tumor you might have soft tissue mixed with bone and fingernail's all your genetics...just mutated genetics).

Cancer cells have metabolic processes close to normal cells, if not identical.


normal cells go through glycolysis too. Generally muscle cells undergo the lactic acid cycle (sort of wasteful, produces lactic acid whihc makes your muscles hurt after a workout)...I can imagine cancer cells that mimic MUSCLE CELLS might be targeted here, but otherwise, I call this report bullshit and unsubstantiated.


30-01-2007 13:20:28

[quote7405bcd168="fawker"]I would suggest some people reading natural cures[/quote7405bcd168]

Wow, I'm a post whore in this thread....

This book is another fallacy (if it's the Kevin Trudeau book). I read that book actually initially thinking that this guy knew what he was talking about. The fact is, he's a crappy TV infomercial businessman, and not someone on the road to his MD PhD (me). THese supposed "cures" are minor fixes to otherwise uncurable problems. I read that book, and probably about 6-8% of the cures offered are substantial and true. The rest is bullshit money making garbage.


30-01-2007 16:41:24

[quote67bfbba179="nobody2000"][quote67bfbba179="fawker"]I would suggest some people reading natural cures[/quote67bfbba179]

Wow, I'm a post whore in this thread....

So why don't you try using the edit button?


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[quote7bd747e326="ILoveToys"][quote7bd747e326="nobody2000"][quote7bd747e326="fawker"]I would suggest some people reading natural cures[/quote7bd747e326]

Wow, I'm a post whore in this thread....

So why don't you try using the edit button?[/quote7bd747e326]

Why should he? He's just answering people. It's annoying when somebody makes a bunch of stupid posts in a row, but nobody2000 posted information regarding the topic, unlike your worthless post.

+KMA for the long informative posts, nobody2000.


30-01-2007 17:36:54

thanks...I hope that people can still be optimistic enough to be enthusiastic about a cure. I know i sound pessimistic, but it's important to realize that a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous, and people could start hyping up a crappy "remedy"


30-01-2007 20:59:12

ok...while I'm sticking to my claim that this won't be the cure, I DID do some investigation (particularly into the Jan. 2007 SCHOLARLY ARTICLE that I got my hands on).

It sounds a point. DCA is a large amounts, but it appears to have hope. WOuld I say it's a cancer cure all? No. I would, however find it interesting to see some clinical trials. Who knows, maybe it'll at least be a small step in a multi-step treatment?