Desperate Need Of Unregistered Prepaid Card!

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26-01-2007 19:51:36

All it has to have is $1.00 on it, and I'm willing to pay $5 for it. ANYONE? (


26-01-2007 19:57:25



26-01-2007 20:12:33

I think he's asking for a Prepaid CC card that hasn't been activated... Why don't you just get one at the supermarket?


26-01-2007 20:16:29

Ha I need it now lol....

Simon Visa Cards can be used in stores without being registered, but must be registered to use online. If someone got it for Christmas or something and hasn't registered it, then I need it, and well I need to register it. I'll probably go to Walmart if nobody has one, but then I'll have to get one with like $20 on it won't I?