NFL admits to bad calls in IND VS NE playoff game

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26-01-2007 10:11:11


In response to an item in our Conference Championship Ten-Pack regarding a key pass interference call on Patriots cornerback Ellis Hobbs that allowed the Colts to complete an 18-point comeback and knot the game at 21, a member of PFT Planet has alerted us to a January 25, 2007 "Q&A" on in which Vic Ketcham writes that the NFL has acknowledged that a bad call was made.

Writes Ketcham, in response to a question that chastised him for suggesting that face-guarding is still forbidden

"Face-guarding was discontinued several years ago and I completely missed it. I talked to Dean Blandino in the league office and he confirmed what you're saying. Blandino, by the way, was in the replay booth at the Patriots-Colts game. Ellis Hobbs should not have been flagged for pass-interference. He didn't make contact with the receiver and in no way did Hobbs impede Reggie Wayne's ability to catch the pass. Blandino confirmed that the incorrect call was made. It advanced the ball from the Patriots' 19-yard line to the one-yard line and was the big play in a touchdown drive that led to a two-point conversion and a tie game at 21-21. Referee Bill Carollo made no reference to face-guarding in his explanation, but CBS analyst Phil Simms did. Apparently, he, too, doesn't know the rule no longer exists. The next time you hear a TV analyst say, 'he wasn’t playing the ball,' think of the Hobbs play, then turn down the sound."

Make no mistake about it, it was a key call. And, to their credit, we haven't heard a public peep from the "no class" Pats about the play."[/quote6eb97035c4]

Just wanted to post this, because in the other topic I specifically said that that play was not pass interference, but someone else said it was.


26-01-2007 10:36:59

fucking sons of bitches


26-01-2007 10:37:10

Bad calls go both ways. It's not like either team gets perfect calls all the time.


26-01-2007 11:32:53

They did it again. I think it was more blatant last year tough VS. the Steelers. Like the Polamalu interception that was ruled a no catch. lol Joey Porter said it best, everyone want to see Peyton Manning win a championship.


26-01-2007 12:15:51

I love the pats, but bad calls did go both ways. The pats shouldn't have allowed such a come back. They played like shit(.


26-01-2007 12:58:40

so what bad calls happen all the time the colts still came back it doesnt explain why the pats played like crap the rest of the game...i smell a homer here on both ends