Mysterious Samurai saves 2 Cops in the UK

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25-01-2007 09:06:50


[quotec2f1decee5]A samurai sword wielding vigilante has come to the rescue of two Police officers when they were attacked by an armed gang in South Shields, England.

A group of men had forced their way into a house and were ransacking the place when passing plain-clothes officers were alerted by a woman inside screaming.

The criminals outnumbered them and were armed with a hammer, knives and chains and attacked the Police officers.

As one of them stabbed at a Policeman with his knife, a mysterious do-gooder appeared from nowhere and attacked him with a samurai sword.

One of the burglars began running away but was stopped by the stranger who struck him on the arm with the sword.

Two of the criminals were arrested, but in true hero style the samurai disappeared before police could speak to him.

A third man was arrested later and two more are still being hunted.

Police are especially keen to trace the man with the sword who came to the aid of their officers, and have asked for anyone with information to call them.[/quotec2f1decee5]

I thought this was a pretty funny/cool story to share D I bet they would arrest him if they found out who he was though.


25-01-2007 09:41:21

I was thinking, they could use this story for Heroes, and then when I clicked that link a small banner for Heroes came up on top of the page...


25-01-2007 10:01:22

Chuck Norris strikes again!


25-01-2007 10:16:04

[quote67491da5f3="egyptianruin"]Chuck Norris strikes again![/quote67491da5f3]




25-01-2007 11:42:32

Chuck Norris wouldn't have needed a sword.


25-01-2007 15:39:17

so the whole movie the last samurai was total bs?
my life=ruined.

unknown uchiha

25-01-2007 19:21:22

Damn. It's Hiro!