Will Apple erase my hard drive?

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24-01-2007 20:12:02

If I go to the apple store to get my macbook repaired, will they have to erase my hard drive?


24-01-2007 20:15:14

depends on what your problom is? if its programing or the OS,,,quite possibly, if its just a simple hardware issue, then it should be ok...all depeneds on what needs to be done. but being one who works with this for a living. i owuld say a rule of thumb is to always backup your data!


24-01-2007 20:16:17

it's shutting down all the time and as it shuts down the disk drive begins to eject repeatedly (even though there's nothing in it) and won't stop. I then have to wait for about 30 mins before I can turn it back on.


24-01-2007 20:21:17

Wow man, I was looking at this kid's Macbook today and it was awesome! It was SO small and thin. Totally awesome. I want one now. )


24-01-2007 20:21:37

ew, doesn't sound like a happy computer....I dont know mac's all that well (working at geek squad we mostly have PC's in) but i am not sure what that could be exactly, could be overheating, bad memory, as for the drive?....uh. we had a pc that came in with a problom like that, ends up there was a piece of foam from a new spindel of CDR's in there. lol.