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22-01-2007 20:25:08

Offer Closed

(Times up /)


22-01-2007 20:27:18

Two dollars?

Are you serious?

...and you're talking about refusing people that don't do it well enough...?



22-01-2007 20:29:24

I think $15-20 would be a good offer


22-01-2007 21:18:46

YOU OFFERED[ia115ef803e] TWO [/ia115ef803e]DOLLARS?!?!?
I would rather answer search questions for 9 cents per minute.

You are clearly in high school, so just open the index of the book and look up whichever ones are not obvious. You book might even have a glossary which would pretty much do this assignment for you.

If anything just do as many as you can and bs the rest to turn in something.

Or do them on paper and then take your text book with you to classes until your wellness class and do words here and there in your other classes.

Or just set your alarm for a half an hour earlier and wake up and do them. Whatever you dont finish do in the 10/15 mins you have in homeroom (or whatever high schools call it now).

But dont offer someone two dollars.

[quotea115ef803e="BlueFusionX"]First person interested and willing to do it, reply to this topic and let it be known that you will do it. Then PM me the completed sheet. I reserve the right to refuse any that do not describe the word well or are completely wrong. [/quotea115ef803e]
^^That is awefully demanding for [ia115ef803e]two dollars[/ia115ef803e]....


22-01-2007 21:22:22

[quote5f9cf67f5b="Dave82"]^^That is awefully demanding for [i5f9cf67f5b]two dollars[/i5f9cf67f5b]....[/quote5f9cf67f5b]

Come on..now...He offered 2 bucks + FEES!!!!


22-01-2007 21:30:38



22-01-2007 21:55:23

For crying out fucking loud. I must have a weak spot for procrastinators or something,seeing as i am the biggest one. Save your two dollars + FEES, and stop procrastinating!

Here are some answers.


Wellness - The state of being able to meet life's challenges and demands
Optimistic - Seeing life in a positive way
Pessimistic - Seeing life in a negative way
Hygiene - Taking care of your body
Emotional Maturity - Controlling your emotions, not allowing them to control you
Social Health -The last side of the Health Triangle is the social part. This includes relationships and speaking/listening skills. There might be times in which you might disagree with your friends or relatives; this is normal in people’s lives. However, you do not have to argue, or show disrespect to other people.
Physical Health -Physical health involves the condition of your body. This can include exercise, nutrition, sleep, drug use, and hygiene. Physical health can also include you personal safety such as wearing a helmet when biking or wearing a seatbelt in a car.
Emotional Health -The second side of the health Triangle is the mental/emotional side. Mental health deals with your ability to solve problems (conflict management), self-esteem, feelings, and stress.
Spiritual Health -
Lifestyle - The way you live your life
Longevity - How long you live
Attitude -
Prevention -
Health Education -
Heredity -
Environment -the sum total of your surroundings: your family, where you grew up, where you live now, and all of your experiences. Environment includes all the places you go in a given day and the physical conditions in which you live. It also includes the people in your life -- your social environment. Yet another aspect of your environment is your culture.
Peers -
Culture -
Values -
Character -
Ethics -
Morals -
Integrity -
Responsible Behavior -
Risk Factor -actions or behaviors that represent a potential health threat
Character Education -
Positive Role Models -
Abstinence -
Diversity -
Communication -
Refusal Skills -
Self-esteem -Self-esteem is described as how you feel about yourself. Your self-esteem is often based on feedback you receive from others. There can be positive self-esteem when someone praises you or gives you a compliment. There can also be negative self-esteem when a person makes fun of you or puts you down.
Self-worth -
Self-confidence -
Stress -a physical reaction that occurs to any situation. Stress is normal and is experienced on a daily basis. Stress cannot be completely removed from a person, but people can effectively deal with stress. Stress can come in the form of positive and negative.
Decision Making Steps -
Self-respect -
Goals -A goal is something you aim for that takes planning and work. People who identify and work at achieving goals feel more satisfaction with themselves and their lives.
Mental Health -
Nonverbal Messages -
Constructive Criticism -
Hierarchy of Needs -
Physical Needs -
Emotional Needs -
Aesthetic Needs-
Self-fulfilling Needs -
Self-actualization -
Psychologists -
Personality -
Behavior -The way you choose to act within your environment and with your inherited abilities has a very important impact on who you are.
Modeling -
Emotions -
Empathy -
Phobias -
Hostility -
Fear -
Anger -
Depression -
Love -
Adolescence -
Guilt -
Defense Mechanisms -
Resilience -
Stressor -
Fatigue -
Priorities -
Grief -
Mental Disorder -
Prejudice -
Anger Management -
Maintaining a healthy self-concept -
Social Skills -
Respect of Others -
Tolerance/Diversity -
Character Traits -
Positive Attitude -
Goal Settings -
Enjoying Life -
Decision Making Skills -
Nonverbal Communication -
Communication -
Feedback -
Personal Needs -
Criticism -
Your Future -
Heredity Traits etc. - all the traits and properties that are passed along biologically from both parents to the child.
Defense Mechanisms -
Body Language -
Adversity, Loss, Problems -
Time Management -
Handling Peer Pressure -
Intelligence -
Knowledge -


22-01-2007 23:02:49

These are all pretty easy. The time you spent posting this on the forums you probably could have finished it yourself. Just make shit up.


22-01-2007 23:54:54

looks like youre running all period

Easy Bling

22-01-2007 23:59:20

El-OH-El That is all I have to say. Just had to put my 2 dollars...cents..in D


23-01-2007 00:26:25

[quote56f47fe682="Allen626"]These are all pretty easy. The time you spent posting this on the forums you probably could have finished it yourself. Just make shit up.[/quote56f47fe682]
Haha that's what freshmens never learn!! highschool teachers have a 100 students and each one of them have to turn in that same paper

your teacher can't possibly look through every single word!!


23-01-2007 00:30:53

lol I keep putting off my homework becasue I found out jkirk made a site and I'm getting refs for it.

But yea... that homework looks really easy. I am wrighting stupid english papers--- I HATE writing papers.


23-01-2007 04:14:36

Looks like I'd have better luck getting help for free lol.

I'll just make some shit up. He'll tell me I did "poor effort" but at least I won't run.