I am considering starting a Paid-To-Signup site...

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22-01-2007 20:21:01

I have been involved in the freebie "industry" for quite a while now, and I am currently considering partnering with someone (I already know who this is) to start a paid-to-signup site, similar to the operation of FusionCash. I do not want this to be a referral site. It could even possibly be a point-based site, but the principle should be based upon a user signing up, and completing offers that pay "x" amount for each offer, following in which they will request payout. I do not want this to start out under a custom script, for if the site didn't get popular enough for whatever reasons, then it would have obviously been a waste spending on a custom script. Although, if it did become popular enough, my partner and I would most likely have a custom-script developed. We do have principal, so please do not go into that. Anyway, are there any paid to signup scripts, that any of you would recommend? Thanx!

EDIT We actually are now actually thinking of creating a custom script, but suggestions are still wanted!