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22-01-2007 19:20:42

so the item is suppose to be here today but according to the tracking, its still stuck in NJ. Should I be worried that it might be lost/stolen??
Its a $600 item we're talking here.
anyone had such experience with fedex?? UPS lost my item a few months ago but Office depot replace it no problem.
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22-01-2007 19:22:40

call them?


22-01-2007 19:23:54

I say wait for a status update in the morning.

But it couldnt hurt to call either.


22-01-2007 19:27:44

The status should be updated this morning. I should already have the item in my possession by now. I'll call them tomorrow if its still the same.
Will Fedex take responsibility if its lost though? I got the item on ebay so they're not gonna do shit.


22-01-2007 19:28:20

depends on if it was insured


22-01-2007 19:29:53

it could also have not gotten on the truck, or the truck didn't leave for some reason, there's a lot of variables that could've happened, chances are, you'll get it.


22-01-2007 19:32:37

Yeah, I would call them.. we really can't tell much from a tracking page shrug


22-01-2007 19:39:59

yea...I'm just asking if any1 else had such experience with fedex. I know fedex estimated delivery date is always wrong but kinda strange to see a package never make it out of a location.


23-01-2007 16:39:40

what happened with your 'package' today?


23-01-2007 16:45:54

i've never had a date be wrong.... unless i'm not home to accept the shipment


23-01-2007 17:01:19

I got it this morning D
The package left NJ at 530 this morning though


23-01-2007 17:05:20

I haven't had a package be lost in the mail liknock on woodli


23-01-2007 17:37:50

[quote99b70cb7c9="GCY"]I got it this morning D
The package left NJ at 530 this morning though[/quote99b70cb7c9]

so did you miss a delivery? was there a delivery exception? or was it just a goof on the fedex system (which i still have yet to see, yet am sure it exists)


23-01-2007 17:40:14

You have to call them. I had a package showing that it was already in my city and when I called them two days later, they still hadn't received it in my city. I did get it delivered though...


23-01-2007 21:29:50

My worst experience is with DHL. Although the circumstances didn't help my patience (waiting on 24" monitor from I-Deal wink), they were [b591bee2f64]2[/b591bee2f64] days late. I work at UPS and that would be a pretty big deal. It was sent all the way to Aurora, CO then back to me in NM.