Home theater System Credit report survey, anyone seen this?

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22-01-2007 11:28:46

I got one of those DOMAIN not found pages when clicking a link in Google... It had a bunch of ads there as many are aware of these pages I'm sure .. I clicked one that said the following

[bb8daef8b30]Win the Ultimate Home Theater SWEEPSTAKES!!!
ENTER to WIN a Plasma TV and More! Valued at over $6,000![/bb8daef8b30]

Here's the link http//tinyurl.com/2xgepn

Has anyone heard of anyone winning one of these sweepstakes, I mean it's basically completely free to sign-up, and for this one you can actually get a free Credit Report while your at it, which I'm sure they probably get paid for that credit report lead...... I was just curious though, I've seen a crapload of sweepstakes spam, was wondering anyone actually won one, or new of a way to look it up to see if they are legit.

I figure wth, and gave it a shot ... Free chance to win $6k i'm game.. haha

EDIT It seems to be a TransUnion Credit Report ... I assume thats how the WINNINGS are being funded, for leads to them.... TransUnion is a legitament Credit Report site, the privacy policy shows ran by Advisio Solutions, LLC, not sure if i've ever heard of them.