Two Poker Tables just built for a customer

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20-01-2007 23:22:30

I have a side business building poker tables. These are two we just did.

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20-01-2007 23:23:12

Sweet tables man, better than the first one you made. How much do you sell them for?


20-01-2007 23:24:39

Damn, nice work.



20-01-2007 23:49:57

I sold both those of $2500. If you're interested I can hook ya up with the FIPG discount, lol


21-01-2007 00:02:09

Wow nice...


21-01-2007 12:15:08

Those are quite secksy.


21-01-2007 12:59:21

Wow, those are nice. Any idea how much shipping would cost?


21-01-2007 15:02:52

Well if you're within 400-500 miles of Rochester NY I can deliever it. When it comes to shipping it would cost anywhere between 125-200. It all depends where you live at.


21-01-2007 15:06:45

[quote7cdce1aa2e="bballp6699"]Damn, nice work.


0MGZZZ R3F L11NNKZZZ!!111!!!11!!1!!! B4NNN UUUUUU!111!1!!!1

Also, you sold them for $2,500 each or for both? What's the least you can make a decent one for? I'd really just depend on what you say because I don't know much about them.


21-01-2007 15:07:55

no I sold them for $2500 for the both of them. The price totally depends what you want on them. The prices start at $500.


21-01-2007 16:34:07

Great job hairy...when u inviting me over for poker night? I graduate in May...


21-01-2007 18:42:17

lol, right now I don't even have a table, I've sold em all. I'm in the process of building one now for myself.


21-01-2007 20:28:03

awsome sig hairy!! +karma


21-01-2007 20:30:39

[quote8cb28f5d47="Armstrong"]awsome sig hairy!! +karma[/quote8cb28f5d47]

lol.. I was thinking the same thing.


21-01-2007 21:01:14

[quote651f528b30="BD2006BD"][quote651f528b30="Armstrong"]awsome sig hairy!! +karma[/quote651f528b30]

lol.. I was thinking the same thing.[/quote651f528b30]

Haha, thanks guys, the wife loves it too... lol


22-01-2007 06:34:44

Those tables are beautiful.


22-01-2007 14:19:58

Thanks samz


22-01-2007 14:38:04

They look very nice but a few things bug me about them. Like the legs.. it looks really uncomfortable to be sitting at the ends, and the puffy black stuff... it looks like you would have to be standing or in a highchair to reach over it. When Im sitting, I usually like to have my elbows on the table, but those tables just dont look like Id be able to do that.


22-01-2007 14:44:56

[quote746dbb186d="Lightliquid"]I usually like to have my elbows on the table, but those tables just dont look like Id be able to do that.[/quote746dbb186d]

That's what the padding is for. To be comfortable on your arms.


22-01-2007 14:47:59

Ya but it makes me think of putting 2 encyclopedias on the table and then having to prop my elbows up there.


22-01-2007 15:37:55

unless you are really really short the table is not high, the pedestals are only 26" tall so the table is almost 28 inches high. The foam rails are 2 inches thick. I am 6'5" and i literally have to lean over to put my elbows on the rails. The table is the specs the customer wanted and I think is pretty close to the WSOP table specs. Except I believe the rail they use is only 1" foam rail instead of 2". The pedestal does not get in your way at all under the table.