Paypal Keeps Sending eChecks

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20-01-2007 19:34:07

This is probably a dumb question with a simple answer, but for some reason every time I try to pay something with paypal it automatically sends an eCheck. Then that takes like 4 days to clear and is really becoming a pain in the ass. Why is it doing this and how can I stop it from doing that?

The only reason I can think is because I changed my address, but I've had like 5 transactions since then and still nothings changed...



20-01-2007 19:41:08

Towards the bottom of the page where you click the send button, just above the area where you choose to include a shipping address, there's an option to choose funding source. If you have your bank account, and a credit card tied to your paypal account, you can choose "checking account," "echeck," or "credit card."


20-01-2007 19:42:27

Hmmm, I'll have to check next time I make a transaction. I thought I checked that last time.

Do they automatically make eCheck the default now?


20-01-2007 20:47:22

Oh....I never noticed that, thanks, now I won't have to deal with that anymore.


20-01-2007 22:18:10

wow! there is the answer to all my problems D


21-01-2007 19:15:41

Ahhh, found out what it was. My credit card expired and I needed to put in the new expiration date.