Mac Mini

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19-01-2007 12:01:36

Hey, I was wondering if these computers are actually worth the money, seeing that i may get that at desktopcomputers4free...Depending on the info i get will decide if i get the money or please if oyu have any experience with one..or heard about it..let me know


19-01-2007 12:06:33

I enjoyed mine when I actually used it. It's a nice machine, but I still used my PC more.

I did get a lot of use out of it after I started using it to stream movies to my TV. That was pretty handy.


19-01-2007 12:33:12

macs are great

osx> xp


19-01-2007 13:10:02

you would use it a lot depending on how good of a pc you have now.
if you have a quadcore vista blaster, your probably not going to be too keen on the lower specs...

I would use it a lot as a media center pc with bt keyboard and mouse.