R4 DS - Allows you to play backups on your DS

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17-01-2007 18:19:39

I have found a site that sells these for 40$ but it is in China and shipping is a killer so I am looking for 4 other people to go in with me so I can lower shipping costs. For 50$ paypal from 4 other people I will have enough to bring 5 over (1 for me) and ship it priority mail to you.

What is it?
A 1 slot solution for the Nintendo DS where you put your ROMs or whatever on a miniSD card and then into the R4 unit and plug it in to your DS game slot on your DS and it boots up and you can play it.

What miniSD card do you need? I suggest the kingston 1gB that is made in Japan.

Here is a link to the R4 DS site.

Guide to DS Homebrew.


17-01-2007 21:48:30

one of my friends is interested in this once he gets some money, could be around 2 weeks though.


17-01-2007 22:44:14

Just found some american retailer sites that just got in the R4 DS too so just getting it through them would be as expensive.


unknown uchiha

17-01-2007 22:51:27

MicroSD, not MiniSD


Best prices, cheap shipping, carries ALL the Supercards (including the new Supercard DS one-slot solution and the M3 one-slot)

I got my Supercard Lite from RealHotStuff for ~$80 shipped, came in 3 days via Priority. Shipping is reasonably priced.


17-01-2007 23:27:10

So sorry i said miniSD I meant microSD, or transflash. The Supercard is ok but the R4 DS is even better, it is the #1 1-slot solution for DS cards now. The price and everything is amazing.