Do you eject your ipod?

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17-01-2007 17:47:45

Do you eject your ipod or just yank it out ignoring 'do not disconnect' when you want to put it to use?


17-01-2007 17:51:12

Um, I eject it when I can. Why the hell wouldn't I?


17-01-2007 17:53:11

Same here. When I remember to.

I even try to stop it when I'm just using it as an external HD before removing it.


17-01-2007 17:55:01

I always do.


17-01-2007 17:57:58

eh not really....
Actually almost not at all.


17-01-2007 18:01:46

I have iTunes set to minimize to the system tray when I close it, so it's a good idea to maximize and eject it, just in case I have a sync still running.


17-01-2007 18:17:51

Well I no longer do it and thus far I havent found something wrong with my ipod.


17-01-2007 18:33:34

What a strange poll.


17-01-2007 18:37:32

[quote394a216366="bruman"]What a strange poll.[/quote394a216366]
LMAO yes...but i do not eject it...why would i?


17-01-2007 18:40:52

I always eject it.


17-01-2007 19:39:35

Same here... They tell you "Do Not Disconnect" for a reason... I have had a few uncontrolable circumstances cause my iPod to improperly disconnect and so far haven't had any trouble. But, I imagine, over time it could lead to problems.


17-01-2007 21:01:08

I [b4f13c564f0]always[/b4f13c564f0] disconnect my iPod, no questions asked.

A few times when I have not disconnected it (this was when I first got it), the music either disappeared (required reset) or was deleted completely.

So because of these experiences, I always eject it. I'd rather be safe than sorry!


17-01-2007 21:49:53

[quoteddc6cb8d16="dupebag"][quoteddc6cb8d16="bruman"]What a strange poll.[/quoteddc6cb8d16]
LMAO yes...but i do not eject it...why would i?[/quoteddc6cb8d16]


Maybe because you want an iPod that isn't messed up? shrug


17-01-2007 22:30:48

I was under the impression that you only need to "disconnect" your iPod if you're [i17bba65b6d]not[/i17bba65b6d] using it as a storage device or have it set to automatically update your iPod with iTunes.


18-01-2007 00:07:11

Ugh, my fiance never does it when she is in a hurry. I have also seen her running out the door late and just hold down the power button to turn off her computer. It makes me cringe.

This is actually a good poll be i was curious if there were others out there that did this. It is bad for your ipod. Someone mentioned how they have lost songs when they dont eject it. My fiance is always saying how songs are mysteriously gone.

Ah but I love her.

edit i keep typing "gf"


18-01-2007 05:48:03

Yeah, you never really know how long a sync/transfer is gonna take.


18-01-2007 05:48:54

i have no confidence in the early withdrawal method


18-01-2007 05:58:19

I always have a skin on mine.


18-01-2007 06:00:27

[quotef22f34db83="KeithA"]i have no confidence in the early withdrawal method[/quotef22f34db83]

Hey, less babies that way though. wink Yeah, I had my ipod freeze and act strange when I did not eject it the right way. It is best to have it ejected properly.


18-01-2007 06:02:38

I always eject.

There's nothing about the iPod itself that is harmed from "hot-unplugging" it. But there are two primary reasons why it's a bad idea (and why the warning is there)

1. Auto-sync. If you have iTunes running and set to auto-sync your iPod, there could potentially be sync traffic going on when you unplug, thus corrupting the transfer.

2. Even without iTunes running, and just using it as an external HDD (which I do all the time), most modern OS's enable write-caching on external devices by default. If you unplug the drive before the OS write-cache has had a chance to flush everything to disk, you have the potential for data loss or corruption. This holds true for ANY sort of external drive (USB thumbdrive, HDD's, etc.), it's just that most don't have a display like the iPod to warn you not to disconnect abruptly. But it's a good habit to get into regardless of the specific data storage device used. By ejecting or stopping the device, the OS is forced to flush all pending writes to the device, ensuring that nothing is lost or hosed up. That said, generally speaking, all data will be flushed after a few seconds of idle time, so unless you unplug immediately after a save you're probably okay.


18-01-2007 10:28:56

dmorris is too smart...


18-01-2007 14:01:44

[quote1076aa7c02="Wolfeman"]dmorris is too smart...[/quote1076aa7c02]

i concur


18-01-2007 14:38:14

I usually do. But this IS a weird thread, ah I see it now!

[Poll] Do wipe yourself?


18-01-2007 19:49:13

I always eject


18-01-2007 20:25:48

[quotee349ebeb3a="Powerbook"][quotee349ebeb3a="KeithA"]i have no confidence in the early withdrawal method[/quotee349ebeb3a]

Hey, less babies that way though. wink Yeah, I had my iPod freeze and act strange when I did not eject it the right way. It is best to have it ejected properly.[/quotee349ebeb3a]

Pulling out early is a terrible method of contraception. idea idea idea eng101 eng101 eng101


19-01-2007 08:48:58


the first two ipods I had got completly ruined because I didn't eject it. The first ipod I didn't eject and the music kept dissapearing, then one day it stopped working. I got a new free one and I always ejected but one time someone tripped over the usb cable and yanked it out and thus ruined the ipod and I again lost my music.

you have to eject it from iTunes. I read in PC Mag that ejecting it while using the windows usb eject is bad and might make you lose your music and that you should eject from Itunes.

the end.


19-01-2007 13:04:18

[quotee9b08ca074="dupebag"][quotee9b08ca074="bruman"]What a strange poll.[/quotee9b08ca074]
LMAO yes...but i do not eject it...why would i?[/quotee9b08ca074]