anybody have old party poker fake chip accounts?

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16-01-2007 20:09:37


back in 2003, i played on party poker pretty much every day non stop because i was out of a job. i had accumulated just over 714 million fake chips.

then in 2004 i found a job and moved over to pokerstars and had pretty much abandoned my party poker account.

i came across a site yesterday that was offering .50 per million. the only drawback was, because there is no way to do a person-to-person transfer i would have to give up my user id and password.

i was a bit nervous about it, but after speaking with a couple of people i decided to go for it (since i was never going to spend any real time playing on party anymore).

i updated (removed) my personal information and went ahead and sold my account. the site said it could take a couple of weeks, but i received the notice 10 minutes later

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if there's anybody who has an old party poker account they no longer use, send over a PM or post here. i'll respond to PMs, but if there is enough interest i'll just post the site here.



16-01-2007 20:18:10

picture doesnt work


16-01-2007 21:14:46


unknown uchiha

16-01-2007 22:31:34

Is it too late to sign up and stuff?


16-01-2007 22:58:51

damn!! thats awesome.
How long did u play to get 714 mill???


17-01-2007 00:14:53

Post the site. I dont have party poker. ( Ive mostly played ESPN poker tables. I think theyre the quickest at the table.