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16-01-2007 16:18:03

wow-- why lock my post? it was funny; wasn't complaining, and the link that was put in there makes no mention of we cannot comment on what keeps going on with the server. i miss where i broke the rules; would like an explanation when i break rules so i can NOT break them later.


16-01-2007 16:22:00

Relax. Posts are locked for a variety of reasons. It's not that you broke a rule, you just asked a question that's been asked a million times already, so you were pointed to a topic explaining the situation, then the topic was locked to prevent a fragmented discussion. It's a common forum moderating practice, don't take it personally. ;)

If you'd done something wrong, it would have been pointed out to you.


16-01-2007 16:36:36

Alternatively, it may be because dmorris hates you.