Pats - Chargers Game

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14-01-2007 18:34:51

Wow, really didnt think wed pull it off (pats fan) chargers made too many mistakes and really handed the game over with the mistake, what I feel is going to get overlooked is Brown savings the game as well as chargers using all there timeouts.

And i really cant beleive what LT said, it's alright for merrmian to do something and celebrate, But if another team does it he gets all defensive, its football, it's played with emotion, U didnt see Ray Lewis making comments like that when T.O mocked his dance, and to say it's a reflection on the coach, come on now, LT your in for alot of heat in the press about that one.


14-01-2007 18:49:57

Was a very good game. Like you said the Chargers really beat themselves out there, but that's not to say that Brady didn't come through again.

I wanted to see the Pats beat the bolts, but I want to see them go down in RCA.


14-01-2007 19:55:29

What did LT say? I'm glad the Patriots won, because the Colts can beat the Patriots.


14-01-2007 20:02:30

I wanted the Chargers to win becuase I like them, but the Colts are my team, so I am happy the Pats won, so the Colts can whoop there ass.


14-01-2007 21:57:04

yeah the colts are gonna whoop that ass!


15-01-2007 04:13:33

i don't want to have to root for peyton/colts after watching them gag on it over and over and over again.

but the girl likes brady. i told her i'd pull for the pats if she wore a brady half jersey and no bra....she declined.

go colts



15-01-2007 06:04:38

History Tells us one thing, Peyton Can't beat the pats when it counts


15-01-2007 06:18:18

[quote532aa4af4a="ClassAct"]History Tells us one thing, Peyton Can't [b532aa4af4a]win[/b532aa4af4a] when it counts[/quote532aa4af4a]



15-01-2007 09:38:27

[quote95af29fe24="CollidgeGraduit"][quote95af29fe24="ClassAct"]History Tells us one thing, Peyton Can't [b95af29fe24]win[/b95af29fe24] when it counts[/quote95af29fe24]


lol twisted


15-01-2007 09:47:26

( I wanted the Chargers to win it all...


15-01-2007 10:14:31

So is marty's job really in danger now? That challange he did in the 4th was horrible. Wear a damn headset, and get the word from your guys upstairs before you waste a timeout.


15-01-2007 10:17:53

they should have, Patriots did not deserve to win, chargers just made 2 many mistakes

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15-01-2007 12:14:07

I hate the patriots for some reason. I actually got depressed afterwards... Please Manning, beat them for once!


15-01-2007 12:16:31

I want a Colts/Bears Superbowl...


15-01-2007 12:17:44


LT's Interview


15-01-2007 12:18:52

[quotec552a77abb="emoney"]I hate the patriots for some reason. I actually got depressed afterwards... Please Manning, beat them for once![/quotec552a77abb]

The Colts won AT New England earlier this year.


15-01-2007 12:26:22

Yeah, I thought they might have, but i was mainly referring to their playoff battles. still though, hope they do it again.


15-01-2007 13:00:21

[quote2a479b82fc="ClassAct"]they should have, Patriots did not deserve to win, chargers just made 2 many mistakes[/quote2a479b82fc]

Ain't that the truth. The Pats are soooo damn lucky over the years BUT I still find it hard to be AGAINST Brady. They can't "put" anybody away but just manage to squeak it out at the end.

BUT ... A win is a win, I guess. roll

Rick aka CorpRebel 8)


15-01-2007 17:00:04

[quote1ed6ba9ae5="Wolfeman"]I want a Colts/Bears Superbowl...[/quote1ed6ba9ae5]

I'd kill myself if either the Bears or the Colts won. I don't even care if the Patriots lost, as long as neither of them wins.

The Chargers shot themselves in so many ways with dropped passes (including the missed INT in the first half) and fumbles.

Colts haven't beaten the Patriots in the playoffs either and the last they played it was a 7 point game.


15-01-2007 18:07:45

Saints/Colts FTW. And Archie Manning's head explodes from confusion.


15-01-2007 23:59:16

[quotefb6622cace="Wolfeman"]I want a Colts/Bears Superbowl...[/quotefb6622cace]
hell yes, and i believe it


16-01-2007 06:46:57

No1 Wants the 85 Superbowl re match?


16-01-2007 15:35:52

[quote6602dc351e]"That was very classless. When we went in and beat their head in New England [last season] we did nothing but compliment them and say they were a good team. We would never disrespect a team like that."[/quote6602dc351e]

I found that funny, because one of the Chargers yelled at the crowd " lililili New England and its fans, get that shocked look off your face, we're the best, we're number 1!" or something to that effect.

Anyways, I'm not happy about how NE won, but they won and its all I care about. Thats what the Chargers get for underestimating NE. Both Indy and NE had real sloppy games this week, the game on Sunday should be very interesting.

And Tyler - I take it back when I said "Indy can't throw 3 INTs and expect to win against any other team in the play offs" lol


16-01-2007 17:07:59

I am going to the AFC Championship game on Sunday.


16-01-2007 18:13:22

Wish I could go! I've never been to a play off game... Actually, I'm kinda disappointed that I only made it to 1 regular season Patriots game this year...


16-01-2007 19:38:12

[quoteb4ba24348b="tylerc"]I am going to the AFC Championship game on Sunday.[/quoteb4ba24348b]

Please bring me P