Winzy and Blingo

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14-01-2007 14:23:24

Many of you already know about Winzy and Blingo, but if you don't then here it is. You get prizes such as ipods and gift cards, along with points to be sold or entered into raffles. To gain these things all you must do is use the blingo or winzy search (searching is just like google).

I would apreciate it if u signed up under me.

Pm me for my refferal link.


14-01-2007 14:58:11

I don't have winzy but I do have blingo and have never won. However I would like someone to sign up under me pm me or post here


14-01-2007 15:17:52

Who are you...and this has been posted like 10,000 times


15-01-2007 00:53:07

what are they... i've never heard of them


15-01-2007 06:56:56

Yeah I've won ~5 times on blingo. I've had winzy but I never use it or win on it. If you want an invite you can also PM me I guess.


15-01-2007 08:34:01

do you win alot or is it based on a wager


15-01-2007 19:13:36

Money is never wagered. The winning is totally random.

Winzy and blingo are search engines that give prizes for searching.
(Its like using google, except you can win stuff)