How to get cash from AMEX Gift Card???

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13-01-2007 13:49:26

Anyone have any ideas how to get cash from American Express Gift Cards?

Went to Post office to try and purchase a money order with it and got denied!

-CVS cash back?

-Western Union?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...need to deposit this money to pay some bills!


13-01-2007 14:19:16

This topic has come up many times before.

The general concences is that it can't be done. My suggestion would be to pay the bills using the card. If you can't do that than try buying something and return it for cash. Most likely they (the store) wont let you do that and they will wont to credit the card back. But you might get lucky. You could also try selling the card. But if the value is large enuff that you can pay you're bills with it chances are you wont find very many takers.