Gorilla Costume

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08-01-2007 20:24:17

I am looking for a high quality gorilla costume, but they seem to be hard to find. Most either look stupid or are thin and clearly not convincing (I want to have one that resembles a real gorilla for shock effect) the best looking ones I have found are below, anyone know where I can get a good one? lol




08-01-2007 20:51:02

any of these?



08-01-2007 21:00:25

Man...those aren't cheap are they?


08-01-2007 21:06:29

Haha. You going to try and pull what they did on Jackass with the guy in the gorilla suit scaring the crap out of people in subways and stuff? Minor question though, how does one come about getting a NON-Authentic Gorilla Suit and what does that entail? (Since the ebay dude is offering an Authentic one)


09-01-2007 02:25:28

i thought this forum was done with the whole "furry sex"...

anyway, EBAY

Item number 160069626039
Item number 320067780500

just search Gorilla Costume and TONS show up. Most about $150-200 after shipping.


09-01-2007 14:33:31

Actually, I plan on using mine to scare tourists on the ski slopes razz