Modded Some Phones Today - Pictures

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07-01-2007 19:24:05

So I ordered some housings (cases) around Christmas and they finally came today so I spent about 5-6 hours putting two phones together. Both were originally silver and now, well...they/re not. They are the RAZR v3 and an Unlocked SLVR L6 (for sale if anyone wants it). The L6 is going to be software modded tomorrow after school, so it'll be off the hook. Anyways here are some picture.

[b21ab648cda]RAZR v3[/b21ab648cda]

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[b21ab648cda]SLVR L6[/b21ab648cda]

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[img="21ab648cda]http/" alt=""/[/img21ab648cda]


07-01-2007 19:25:32

Wow that looks real nice


07-01-2007 19:29:27

Nice dude, that would be cool to do. How much money you got to make off them? What's the software going to do?


07-01-2007 19:31:00

thnx D

here are the original phones

http//[" alt=""/img3ae566830d]


[img="3ae566830d]http//[" alt=""/img3ae566830d]


07-01-2007 19:33:20

I'm going to make about $40 extra bux on the SLVR for putting that housing on. As for the RAZR , that's mine it was tough as hell to put on since I had to watch the mobo as I was removing the case. Trust me I;ve seen people break their phones all the time because they are impatient. Software can do a multitude of things. For one I'll make the SLVR quadband. I'll give it a skin that matches its housing and I'll give it some features like more storgae capabilities. I also unlocked it.


07-01-2007 20:05:28

i love the orange, makes me want one just so I can do that...


07-01-2007 21:55:38

yeah where'd you get the cases?


08-01-2007 11:35:39

Nice job. D


08-01-2007 12:58:57

the gold one looks like the really expensive one for sale at


08-01-2007 15:15:01

i got them all at http// but please be warned, if you have no prior electronic knowledge, do not attempt until you are comfortable. It takes patience and the slightest mishap could pinch a ribbon cable or scratch a case or even worse, crack an LCD. So until you know what you are doing, read.