Which DS Lite case?

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06-01-2007 09:12:00

1. Hori Slim Pouch
http//image4.play-asia.com/350/PA.68556.001.jpg[" alt=""/img3f8cfa62c3]

2. Keys Factory Smart Case
[img="3f8cfa62c3]http//image4.play-asia.com/350/PA.59798.001.jpg[" alt=""/img3f8cfa62c3]

3. XO Works Leather Case
[img="3f8cfa62c3]http//i18.tinypic.com/2qjal90.png[" alt=""/img3f8cfa62c3]

Keep in mind, I don't need a case that holds games. I just want something sleek to throw in my purse or bag.

Thanks!!! )


06-01-2007 09:15:41

I think that pink one is pretty slick