Help with website design?

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05-01-2007 15:53:42

I can't tell which is better or what needs added... any help would be appreciated )

My problem is the title of the site, there are two I'm picking between but I have been staring at the two too long to tell which is better. I feel like the first one is nice because it half way replicates the company's logo, but the other one is better because it doesn't take up so much of the page.

Here is the first one followed by the company's logo I am making the website over.
http//[" alt=""/img5fd87e303a]

[img="5fd87e303a]http//[" alt=""/img5fd87e303a]

And here is the second page, i feel like this one doesn't have enough going and needs something on the top left...
[img="5fd87e303a]http//[" alt=""/img5fd87e303a]

Any help would be greatly appreciated and +karma for good help )


05-01-2007 15:55:08

None of your pics work man, you must have copied the link with the ...'s from somewhere

EDIT Yeah, I agree with megotcash, I like the second one most


05-01-2007 15:59:54

i think i like the second the best...but idk


05-01-2007 17:06:47

For the second one, the "Automotive Specialists" logo should be on the far left.


05-01-2007 17:07:14

I like the first one.....

However I think to acheive the best result, use the same text/effects on the word Automotive in the first one that you used in the second one, but keep size the same and keep specilists just the way it is


05-01-2007 17:28:35

What's an ialist?


05-01-2007 20:15:49

well specialists is someone who specializes in something... but o don't know what ur getting at J4