Question on Printing Website Pages

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03-01-2007 18:01:46

Okay so this may be a really dumb question - but because I know many of you are smart with websites I will ask you all because I truly have no clue...

I need to print a website (my high school's website, actually), but the text on the webpage needs to change. Such in a table, where it says Speech Team, it needs to say Speech and Debate team, while still looking exactly like it would if I printed it normally - thus, I cannot normally save webpage as or copy and paste into Microsoft Word because it makes the webpage look differently and it has to look completely like it would if I had not changed a thing.

I am really clueless as to how this could be done. Anyone have any ideas? Other than printing it, scanning it, then editing the image, then printing again?

+Karma and A LOT of thanks for anyone who can help...


03-01-2007 18:10:48

if its HTML and only that, just Right Click > View Source
Then cop all of the source > open up notepad and paste and edit the text needed, then save as a .htmlurl==http://=http:///url file and view it


03-01-2007 18:28:49

You may need to copy the css file as well depending on how they have it set up


03-01-2007 19:04:20

If you could show me the site, I could try to fix it real fast. PM me if you want...


03-01-2007 21:34:17

I don't know how much access you have, but I would think you mite, if they really liked you, be able to get access to the FTP server where the website was posted, download it, and upload it with the changes so you can print it. I don't know if you can actually do that though.


03-01-2007 21:43:11

If you have some version of Front Page installed, you may be able to just save the page, and right click to choose edit. You could then alter the text and save it. It [ide14eca7ed]should[/ide14eca7ed] adjust the tables and formatting for you.