Whats the name of that movie?

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02-01-2007 19:31:08

Hey guys I had a question.

You know that movie in the previews. Where an author writes a story and the character thats in the story is a person in real life. Everything she writes comes true to the real life guy. When she is writingthe real life guy hears a voice about himself etc. Anyone know what the title of that movie is called?


02-01-2007 19:32:42



02-01-2007 19:34:36

That's an awesome awesome movie, by the way...


02-01-2007 19:41:36

Thanks guys. Is it out yet.


02-01-2007 20:12:23

Yeah. In theaters Nov. 10.


02-01-2007 20:15:28

Ah. I thought it was out already.


02-01-2007 20:19:48

[quotea8ec7bf5a7="Tholek"]Ah. I thought it was out already.[/quotea8ec7bf5a7]

It was.. on November 10th.


02-01-2007 20:24:07

Let's just pretend that post didn't happen... ;)


02-01-2007 23:15:24

It was an awesome movie. I really liked it. Will Ferrell not being a total idiot...


02-01-2007 23:41:19

You're description reminded me of Delirious[=http//imdb.com/title/tt0101701/]Delirious.


03-01-2007 07:30:03

I cant believe it came out Nov 10th. I thought it was just coming out. Damn. Well now ill have to talk to a demon oid


03-01-2007 12:01:07

Heh, my first thought was [i8de8a40af6]The NeverEnding Story[/i8de8a40af6]

BTW that was an awful movie but an absolutely amazing book.


03-01-2007 12:09:42

[quote76b54cd2fd="JennyWren"]Heh, my first thought was [i76b54cd2fd]The NeverEnding Story[/i76b54cd2fd]

BTW that was an awful movie but an absolutely amazing book.[/quote76b54cd2fd]
BLASPHEMY!!!! That movie owns!


03-01-2007 12:54:23

Great cinematography in that, despite being a kids movie. Very euro/gothic looking. Would've been better if the kid was in England though.

The guy who sang the theme ended up homeless a few years ago, but is now back doing 80s tours. )


04-01-2007 01:22:32

[quote1cefe3499b="Wolfeman"][quote1cefe3499b="JennyWren"]Heh, my first thought was [i1cefe3499b]The NeverEnding Story[/i1cefe3499b]

BTW that was an awful movie but an absolutely amazing book.[/quote1cefe3499b]
BLASPHEMY!!!! That movie owns![/quote1cefe3499b]

OK, OK, not actually AWFUL except in comparison to the book. Have you read it? The film only covers about the first third, and basically avoids the main themes entirely. That's more what made me say awful than just the movie as a standalone.