Overdrafting a prepaid card?

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02-01-2007 09:56:27

I received an iCard from Nuitech a few months ago and spent it all, but there was a charge that went through and caused the card to go into the negative. I got a call today informing me of it. I was just wondering what the consequences are? Can they press legal action?


02-01-2007 10:37:16

I recently went into the negative with a prepaid card for a few dollars and they claim they will hire a collections agency if you don't pay. I don't know what they would try to repossess for a few dollars....how much in the negative are you?


02-01-2007 10:38:54

about 20 bucks. its no problem paying really, i just was wondering.


02-01-2007 12:54:47

I suggest just pay it so they wont send it to a collections agency.


02-01-2007 13:43:42

Simons and whatnot, you cannot go over though, right?


02-01-2007 13:58:19

Yeah you shouldnt sometimes wierd things happen though. A lot of times these ones you get for a lot of money will actually work at like gas pumps and such so you can go over on them a lot easier.


02-01-2007 14:08:33

[quoted4db756f0a="Tsmith10803"]Simons and whatnot, you cannot go over though, right?[/quoted4db756f0a]
Simon will decline overcharges, but the company that is charging you will send the collections agency.