Charge myself to get money off of a giftcertificate?

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02-01-2007 07:02:35

lol, I was thinking about this for a while today. I have recently got a $250 Visa giftcert from a freebie site, and I'd honestly rather put this money in the bank instead of spending it. As far as I know you can't straight charge a credit/debit/gift card and send the money to your bank, but here's what I was thinking...

I've set up a Google Checkout (I dunno if anyone here has any experience with them) account and linked it to my bank account. Would it be possible to charge that card $250 thru Google Checkout (aka charging myself) to have it sent straight to my bank account?

I can't see anything wrong with this plan, plus Google is offering free processing fees from now till 2008, so I would get the full $250. Any problems with this?


02-01-2007 07:44:05

Sounds like a lot of trouble. Can't you just use the Visa for all your normal, everyday stuff like gas, groceries, etc, and keep the money you would have spent in your bank account?


02-01-2007 08:01:36

I did the same thing w/ paypal a while back. It cost me some money in fees, but I just sent all the money to myself.


02-01-2007 08:03:58

Generally, you can also withdraw money at an ATM if you know the PIN for the card.


02-01-2007 11:37:28

[quote8ecd90c4b4="doylnea"]Generally, you can also withdraw money at an ATM if you know the PIN for the card.[/quote8ecd90c4b4]

The card I had was credit only (, and there are usually fees that go w/ that. So if he can use google checkout w/ no fees, then I would say that's the way to go. In fact I have a $2000 card from nuitech right now, that I'd like to get the money out of, but I hate paying the fees at an ATM. That and it would take hitting an ATM for like 8 days.


02-01-2007 13:49:53

have a friend paypal account and add the 2k gift card onto your account and send the money to them and add something in the notes something that would cost 2k like please mail the plasma screen tv to so and so address so paypal dont think your launder money or some other crap they come up with and make your friend withdraw it


02-01-2007 18:21:56

lol, no way in hell am I putting more than $10 willingly into paypal

I'm gonna try charging myself $5 from my paypal card. If this works, aren't these type of transfers instant? Does the money appear directly in my bank account, or do I have to wait a couple days?

If its instant, then its a hell of a lot faster than a bank to bank transfer (or paypal to bank withdraw)