$100 in my Neteller - looking for a good points site

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31-12-2006 12:37:22


i've had $100 in my Neteller acct for a few weeks and was looking to make a deposit someplace where I could either get a wireless controller or a new game for my 360.

i usually sign up to bingo sites when 4nocash puts new ones up, but there haven't been any new sites in a while.

i had an account and received a game from freerewards4you in september, but i think the site is no longer operational.

anybody know of DIY/points-type site where i could deposit some money into a bingo/casino site or two and earn points for a new controller or game?

thank you.



31-12-2006 12:39:13

Custom Order This has bingo offers and you can custom order any prize you want (less than $600 I mean).


31-12-2006 13:02:08

i don't want to worry about referrals.

i looked at the list of offers - i've signed up to all the mainsteam gambling sites, the only one on the list i'd be eligible for is kiwi bingo.

i'm looking for a site that is primarily gambling offers.



31-12-2006 13:19:18

Oh sorry, I meant the points site (no referrals). Sorry I wasn't more clear.

I don't know of any sites with primarily gambling offers that don't require referrals. Sorry Dan. (

unknown uchiha

01-01-2007 12:49:37



01-01-2007 13:42:45

that site has been down for months.



01-01-2007 14:44:14

It's up now as gifts.free4me.net or something of that matter.


01-01-2007 16:04:50

We have some bingo offers. If your looking for a specific one please contact me! Games.YourGiftsFree.com