Renting a US P.O. Box

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31-12-2006 11:48:19

I'm in Manitoba, pretty close to the N.D. border and I'm looking to set up some sort of US address for obvious reasons. I looked at the mail forwarding sites but they are pretty expensive. I've heard of people renting mailboxes in small town just across the border. Does anyone have any experience with this? An idea of cost?



31-12-2006 12:12:00

I'm sure a PO box won't be too expensive, but I can't imagine it'll be fun driving there all the time...


31-12-2006 14:54:57

Well the border is only an hour away and I figure there's enough deals to be had in the states that I'll usually be going down with new toys to play with on the way back.


31-12-2006 15:41:05

A lot of companies don't ship to PO Boxes. Free site or not.


31-12-2006 16:36:00

Local USPS offices are know to change rates locally. I know that even ones a few zipcodes apart can have differences as much as a couple of dollars.


JPeeper is right though. Even if the site doesn't state it in the TOS, it's more than likely that they'd use a non-USPS carrier, or deal with a drop ship vendor that does. That means no deliveries to PO Boxes.

You may want to try a private box at a mail store like Mailboxes Etc. They can accept all deliveries, and your mailing address would look better to a free site. (technically it wouldn't be "PO Box ####", but an address and then a number)